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Can I suggest

FD fast day
FD-1. day before the fast day
FD+1. day after the fast day

as we quite often want to share what we do on these days?
Ah! Now that would explain why I'm seeing posts about woe by people who seem the opposite of woeful...
This is really useful - thank you!!
i noticed a new acronym being used and i had to look it up. figured it out as its always used with ADF
anyway its


Every other day

is that right?

can you add it to this list of acronym.

so many acronyms isnt there.
Not used all that much, but could be added to the list due to recent HIIT conversations stemming from Mosely's new book:

EPOC: excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (aka 'afterburn') ... onsumption
Hi @Carorees Just noticed the use of "2/3" as a way of eating in the "Fasting Today" today. What does it mean :?:
No idea @judithn!...I don't visit the Fasting today thread much nowadays because I'm doing 16:8 so every day is a fast day (or none of them depending how you look at it I suppose!). Can you ask whoever wrote 2/3?
I posted the same question in the thread. If no reply, I'll try PM'ing the poster. Thanks and glad it is not that obvious :grin:
In reading the thread, here's my take on "2/3", I think they meant that they were in for their 2nd fast of a 4:3 fast week.
Thank you. Very helpful :)
HAve seen NEAT in several posts but can't find what it means...

Here you go @eyup, hope this explains it! :grin:
Many thanks @callyanna for the the link to explain NEAT
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