Right on target
26 Jun 2014, 12:36
Hi, it's me diego, you know the "little" fluffy guy in the avatar. Moms say she is not sure if we are in the right place, but if not, please forgive.

You know that Mom started to think I was beginning looking a bit too barrel sized a couple of months ago and put me on the scale. Well I am large for being a JR, but that was the limit - just over 20kg (20lb) :shock: So to make a long story short, she put me on a doggie version of 5:2 - just half a portion twice a day. Not even my very cutest peppercorn eye stare could sway her :curse: 1/2 dl it was. And weight ins every 2nd week and whatdayaknow - slowly I started to shrink and yesterday me and J had a weight in and finally the scale showed 8.2kg = target weight!!! Yeay :) Now you could hope that the stern woman will give me more to eat, but ack ye of little faith - she have no plans for that except for a kibble more or two. Hmm, well I do admit that I feel a bit lighter when I do my daily crazy runs.
Cheers :dog: