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I'm back
06 May 2019, 14:05
Don't know if anyone remember me, but several years ago I managed to loose 17kg and then it all went to hell due to the death of my BFF and my two Ridgeback gals over a period of 9 month. I simply didn't have it in me to fast and much of the weight loss crawled back. Tried LCHF and lost 9kg (while The DH lost 17>) but after a year I couldn't take it anymore and the weight crept back. And there it have sat and hated everything I saw in the mirror. Then last week I talked with a dear friend and she told me about her imense weight loss, not with 5:2 but counting calories and working out. And I had this bulb moment, if she could do it so I can. So far three fast days (including this) and even though I'm having severe hunger Pais, I have persevered. And me and my dogs (JRT) have started with doing powerwalks instead of the slovenly ones. You know, with two males it has been pit stop every 5-10 meters LOL..

Do I have a goal? The end one is to loose 20kg (much needed) and 10kg over the next 4-5. This time I swear I will persevere :victory:

08 May 2019, 05:48
Good on you for returning to your goal.

25 Aug 2020, 20:58
Hi Wolfie,

I remember you. I have a similar story - got a bit depressed and let the weight creep back up. Thankfully not all the way back to where it was, but over half. I was still sort of fasting the whole time, but my off days must have been seriously out of control. I also stopped weighing myself. (I worry about scales being triggers for disordered eating, and I have a tendency to get overly depressed about a number I don't like).

Finally this summer, something clicked, I hopped back on the scales and redoubled my efforts. I'm not as strict on low cal days as I was the first time around, but I'm pretty good. And I think because I know I'll be stepping on the scales soon (once a week), I've reigned in non-fast days. Anyway... So far in 8 weeks I've lost 4kg, which is fine with me. It's slower than before, but maybe that's a good thing.

25 Sep 2020, 06:40
Hope all is well :heart:
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