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Re: Well, here I am
25 Nov 2018, 18:47
Nov. 25, 2018 Weight ( with two shirts, pants, socks) 172 lbs BP (ran out of BP pills 5 days ago) 140/80

Three days after Thanksgiving, No problem with over eating on Thanksgiving this year. I don't care much for turkey and I've got the neighbours and well meaning friends trained to not even bother to bring me anything to eat. It might make them feel good but they know NOT what they are doing, to themselves or their families, and they sure don't want to hear what I've got to say to them. Bah humbug! oh yeah, that's supposed to be for Christmas. The laundry room is cold and that's where the scales are so I weighed with all my clothes on but no shoes. That's going to have to do until it warms up a lot more.
I did go see mom at the nursing home TG and she'd decided to not eat their TG dinner so that made it a lot easier not having to deal with her usual telling me to eat, eat, eat during lunch. Lots of relatives were visiting their loved ones and the parking spaces were full. No problem I jumped the curb and parked in the field and others started doing the same thing. It was a good trouble free trip, mom is doing pretty well all things considered, much better than most of them there. Mom was a nurse and for while she thinking she was still a nurse and running the place but her mind has improved somewhat now and she's not barking orders out to the staff like she was. Maggie (my dog ) always enjoys the ride and seeing mom, and mom enjoys seeing Maggie. Mom dug into her hidden stash and gave me 6 dollars to buy gas and told me to spend what was left on myself. 150 mile round trip and 6 dollars doesn't buy much gas and I sure don't need her 6 dollars but I thanked her and put it in my pocket. I always tell the head nurse about things like that so they can track what comes and goes with the clients.
Yesterday was a nice day up to 72F here and I put 11 miles on the bike. A south wind, and I did a nitrostat tablet against the wind heading out, then it was easy peddling and enjoyable the rest of the way. The stable angina is much better than six years ago but it's never gone completely away, chest pain or discomfort sometimes when I do things that require extra exertion. . From what I've read it's 50/50 going the medication way or stents so I'll continue like I have unless something changes.
I peddled out to the Dollar Tree store and got some frozen veggies and a plastic Snowman and a solar powered Santa for mom's room and a couple of oven mittens for me. Why the oven mittens? For walking Maggie when it's cold. I've got lots of gloves but my fingers still get cold, mittens should work better and since I'm not into style these ought to work just fine. Actually they look pretty decent for a dollar each. Maybe I'll put a Nike logo on them and impress the high steppers.
Today, a cold front has come through 39mph wind from the north and it's 34 F, there won't be any bike riding or dog walking. I don't mind walking in the cold if the wind isn't to bad and Maggie loves the cold but we aren't walking until the wind dies down, I'm not even sticking my head out the door.
December is a week away and yep, I've gained a few pounds, today is going to be a fasting day. I'm adjusting to the colder weather and it should be easier now. That was one of the problems when I fasted last spring, staying warm. Either I'm getting better at salesmanship or folks are just paying more attention but they seem to be listening and questioning me more about this diet/weight loss thing I did. They don't like what they hear but some of them aren't turning their noses up like they were. Even my sisters who are retired RNs seem to be wondering if there might be something to this fasting thing. They learned nutrition years ago and this stuff is pretty far out to them. It was to me also, it takes what it takes to get us here.
I'll keep posting through the holiday season,
This was in the Tulsa paper yesterday, I'm guessing I'm probably one of three in Oklahoma that read the entire article, our state ranks as one of the highest in obesity. ... 6d716.html
I'm still reading and watching everything I can about plant based, meat, high fat, low carb,, high carb. whatever, I've got an open mind about this and really haven't decided what might be best for me but for now it's plants, main thing is very little of highly processed foods with added sugar and high fructose corn syrup. You have to read the labels, read read read.
OK, that's enough for now,
Later, Folks,
Re: Well, here I am
09 Dec 2018, 14:16
Dec. 09. 2018 Weight 169
Almost 10 lbs more than I swore I'd never be again. Two more months of cold weather to go. The cold weather is what I'm blaming for the weight increase. But I knew it was coming and I know what to do. Kind of frustrating. Another part of the problem is my clothes still fit just fine and I'm getting around easily. I'll do what it takes when a dose of motivation hits me. I'm still down 37 lbs from last April.
Not a lot going on in my world, things shut down during winter, I'm still walking Maggie though but there aren't many out and about like when it's warmer. I did check a friend's car the high speed on his car heater didn't work. probably the relay. I forgot that circuit has a separate fuse for the high speed. I''ll call him Monday and run over and check that. A neighbour called, she got a high water bill and I went over and showed her how to check at the meter for leaks. ..... And another neighbour wanted to put an old pick up truck someone had given him in the street in front of the house next door. I told him to put it in his own back yard and leave the street clear, he put it in another neighbour's back yard. I've learned the hard way not to let other people store their things and junk at my places. I've still got stuff from years ago waiting for them to come get it. To precious to throw away but not precious enough to rent a storage unit.
Today is another go visit mom at the nursing home. She had them call yesterday to ask if I was going to be there this weekend. I have it marked on her calendar but she gets confused about the days, months and years. Mom also keeps wanting to talk to her Dad, my grandfather. I tell mom he died years ago but she swears she saw him. Kind of weird but it's happened over and over. Anyway I'll stop on the way out of town and get some things for her. Probably some Christmas stuff to decorate the room a little, and some candy (not much) and bananas and peanut butter crackers. I try to get her to eat healthy as much as possible. The food at the nursing home is good but mom eats like a little kid, she waits for dessert and eats that instead of the more nutritious main meals. Probably the best thing that has come from all the nursing home visits is it motivated me to start taking better care of myself. I've never met anyone that wanted to go into a nursing home me included and intend to keep that from happening as long as possible. Strokes, mental capacity and lack of mobility are what get us there and a lot can be done to delay that as long as possible.
Enough for today, I'm hanging in here. I'm curious what happens after the Holidays. How many will show up? I don't know if I'm just paying attention more or if the news is reporting more on overweight and obesity but it seems to make the news more. And a link, diet sodas ... I don't drink it but it still interests me, .. ... eight-loss
Re: Well, here I am
23 Dec 2018, 19:51
Dec 23, 2018 A couple of days ago ... weight 169 BP 120/80

I'm still here. Winter started a couple of days ago so now it's harder to keep the pounds from coming back. We know what it takes, we know what we have to do. I've adjusted pretty well to the colder weather, Maggie and I walked our daily mile this morning it was around 40F when we walked. No wind so no problem. Gloves, hat, warm coat and Maggie (my dog) .... the colder the better as far as she is concerned.
I'm still careful of what I eat but Aldi's had 10 lbs of potatoes so I couldn't pass those up.
I got distracted here for a while, a friend bought a couple more rent houses and we went and looked at those...... where was I ? Anyway I'll make this a short one. I'm doing OK and waiting for the after New Year's rush of new members to show up. A link.... Something to think about when reading the latest studies on what is good for us and what isn't and what works and what does'nt ... Researchers Show Parachutes Don't Work..... ... -s-a-catch .
God Bless you all and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Re: Well, here I am
09 Jan 2019, 22:03
Jan 9, 2019 Weight 169 3/4 ........ BP = good enough

A couple of nice days which is a break in the cold weather here. I worked on the car some and walked Maggie and rode the bike almost 6 miles yesterday and the day before. I got mom a bigger TV and put that in her room at the nursing home Saturday and it went even worse than I feared it would. Mom doesn't do changes well. She was having a tantrum and the nurse and staff rolled her down the hall and around the corner and wouldn't let her come back until I had the new TV up. It's bigger and also tilted and the remote will work much better now. It's hard to explain, it wasn't mom's idea so she didn't want it and didn't like it ..... but she will. I know mom. I called the nursing home Monday to see if mom and I were in "trouble" because of the ruckus we caused but the boss lady said she had several items to attend to from over the weekend and we weren't even on the list. Just goes to show 90% of the things we worry about never happen. I also got mom a cat a day calendar so when she checks her mail she will have a new cat to look at every day and take back to her room. She loves cats, yup, one of those crazy cat ladies.
I've been sticking to the veggie diet, a few eggs now and then, powdered milk for the cereal, cottage cheese to put on microwaved potatoes, some cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches but mostly plant food of one kind or another, beans, brown rice, spinach, tomatoes, whole grain flour, 100% whole grain bread, stuff like that, oh yeah and some butter but I watch how much of that I use. Some fish, not breaded or fried once in a blue moon. Vitamin B12 for sure as a supplement (that was a Jepardy question yesterday on the TV). Not keto'n much right now but I will do that again this spring or summer. I'm up about 10 lbs from the low at the end of last summer but I'm hanging on! I didn't keep myself at 160 or lower, like I swore I would, but I'm happy I didn't go off the deep end over all I'm pretty satisfied from where I was a year ago and for sure where I was 6 years ago. I fast every once in a while when gravity is strong and the scales say I'm a bit over 170. I'm watching the refined sugars, some slips past in the little bit of processed foods I try not to eat but compared to what it use to be it's not 10% of what I use to take in. I feel great, sliding under the car the other day was so much easier than it use to be. I'm kinda planing on dropping to 150lb next summer. It's a lot easier for me to fast and lose weight when it's warm outside and I can be more active and I'm not fighting the being cold feeling. We'll see, but that's the plan. I was reading this a while ago.... Health Care System here in the states. .. ... aking-scam ,,,, The comments are pretty good ........ or maybe pretty bad..... on Zerohedge, depending on your up bringing .
That's about it, I probably ought to get Maggie and go for our walk or I won't get it done, another day of good weather then it turns cold and wet for a few days. Maggie is always ready for a walk, I tried the other day to see if I could get ready with out her knowing, no way. Move my shoes and she's got her eyes opened and one ear up, reach for my coat and she's on her feet ready for action.
T hat's enough for now,
Later Folks,
Re: Well, here I am
10 Jan 2019, 10:33
Thanks for writing, Roscoe. It has been ever so quiet here. I am still enjoying Christmas times and eating regular meals. I'll be fasting when Lent comes around. Good luck to you. :clover: Margot Sylvia
Re: Well, here I am
15 Jan 2019, 23:30
Dear Roscoe,
I am back in the forum after being here for couple of years way back. Yes things are much quieter but I did enjoy catching up on your posts. Well done on your progress to your goal and along the way, being such a good son, good neighbour and friend to others.
All best from Ireland,
Re: Well, here I am
27 Jan 2019, 16:59
January 27, 2019 Weight this morning 168 lbs BP 120/80

Somehow I was only 168 lbs this morning. I'm happy about that, and I haven't taken my BP med yet and the BP is OK, but yes, I'll take my BP med today. It's Sunday and I haven't refilled the weekly pill box.
Friday, a trip to see mom at the nursing home and it was a disaster. Mom had the remote messed up, I got it programmed again and working like it should... long story short .... I gave up and left early. Mom wants me to take her in my car to the store and to the cemetery and when I tell her, "Sorry, can't do it" she gets mean and ugly and she's got dementia. Sometimes it's funny what she says ... but Friday wasn't funny, some of the things she's been saying is starting to affect others. Mom kept up with the cheap shots and finally when I had enough I told her I was leaving and I'd be back in 10 days. Maybe it will go better next time. The best part of the whole trip was my dogs and neighbour dogs got left over pork steaks from the dining room. Kind of funny what stress does to my appetite, some stress I want to eat, too much stress and I'm not a bit hungry. Friday I wasn't hungry after leaving the nursing home.
Not a whole lot else going on,.... if I can come out of winter at this weight I'm going to shoot for 150 this spring/summer. I'm feeling great and losing the weight is one of those things I should have done 10 or 15 years ago. I'm pretty bitter about our food supply, the stuff they sell as food and how it's out of control with the added sugars and all the other ingredients and misinformation. I know I've only myself to blame for ever letting my eating habits go on for so long but I wasn't motivated, I still don't know why the light came on but it did. Maybe education is the key? When I took education about nutrition to a higher level, that's when I decided to really start eating healthier? Maybe seeing the folks in the nursing home because of strokes and loss of mobility due to being overweight?
Anyway, it's another day, the weather is nice for this time of year, another arctic cold front tomorrow, I took the dogs to the dog park yesterday and we enjoyed that. We might go again today. The gov't shut down here is over for while ... that was interesting seeing how so many here in the USA can't go without a couple of pay checks.
Enough for now.... I expected a rush of people in here after the Jan. 1 ............... it didn't happen, but I'm still here and I appreciate the support of you readers.
Let's find a link............... here's something different... a slice of American life. .... be prepared nothing to do with Healthy eating but Billy is pretty entertaining ... ... TU5uaMFZrU
Come Maggie (my dog) it's time for a walk
Feb 11, 2019 weight 168.5 BP ... it's OK ... good enough

Not a lot going on this time of year. I'm overall pretty satisfied with where I am weight wise. I've learned and changed so much in the past year concerning nutrition. Last trip to the nursing home to see mom went really well. She was worried I wouldn't be back ever again because of the brouhaha from the previous visit. She had a completely different attitude and I took the list of things to do and not do when dealing with people with dementia. Hopefully the visits will go better from now on.
Spring is just around the corner and I've made it through winter without ballooning up in weight and I'm happy about that, I'm up almost 9 pounds more than I wanted but I'm down 30 from a year ago. I think I'll shoot for 150 lbs. this spring or summer. It's much easier for me to lose weight in the spring and summer when it's warmer and I'm more active. That's the plan, we'll see.
I donated blood a week ago, free t-shirt and they check cholesterol... mine was 140 but they don't do high vs low density. For me and my PAD condition that's why I chose a plant based diet. I take vitamin B12 and some other supplements. I haven't heard from my truck driver friend that had a quadrupedal by-pass, he's back to driving a semi and I'm curious if he's doing what must do to be alive 5 or 10 years from now. He should be coming around pretty soon and maybe I'll find out. He loves to eat and it will be difficult for him to stay on track, especially with the foods the truck stops tend to have.
The old Toyota needs the exhaust fixed, I've got the part but changing it requires unbolting and cutting the catalytic converter off and wielding it to the new part. I'd take it to the shop and have it done or go get a newer car but it's one of those things I'll do, mainly to see if I can still do it? I've always been able to fix my own vehicles (because I had to) now I can easily afford to have it done but it's the challenge, though it's harder to do now, I intend to keep doing it a long as possible. If the old Toyota is the last car I ever own, well, that would be OK with me, we can grow old together.
I'm waiting for diabetes type 2 to get the attention it deserves.. it's making the news now but not at the level it should. People just don't want to hear how bad sugar and especially high fructose corn syrup has become in our diets and the damage it does to our health. It's a classic addiction thing. The annual rate of growth in health care spending between 1996 and 2013 has been 3.5 percent on average, Spending on diabetes grew twice as fast as all conditions combined" during that 18-year period. Rather interesting something so obvious and preventable hasn't been addressed like it should.
OK... a link.... Dr. Boz (not Dr. Oz) she does live shows on youtube on pushes the keto diet. Not my thing but I read and watch anything and it's done wonders for many. I try to stay open minded, there is always something to learn. ... kdQj0p-hQw
Maggie and I are still walking the walk and barking the barK
Re: Well, here I am
05 Mar 2019, 21:59
Today....... the scales said 168 BP 130/90 before the old BP pill this morning.

Today was a class at the senior center (centre?) . Some class about healthy minds. I was supposed to go see mom today at the nursing home but I called and put it off until tomorrow so I could go to that class and also kind of a test to see how mom handles it. She gets agitated when things are out of order. I put an X on the calendar in the room on the days I'll be there and I obviously won't be there today.
Fasting .... Saturday I weighed and I was 174! Way more than I ever intended to be again, so I fasted Saturday and Sunday and getting back on track. A lot of water weight went away quickly and now I'll fast back down to 160 and go from there. I intend to get on down to 150 and maybe 140. BMI charts say I could go down to 127 and still be considered normal. We'll see. Main thing is I'm back on track now and doing what I need to do. I was going to wait until warmer weather but it's starting to look like there isn't going to be any spring this year. Near record lows for this time of year. 10F this morning! It's almost 4 pm now and only 36 degrees and this is the warmest it's been in three or four day. Fasting and cold days aren't natural for me but I'm doing it and it's easier than I thought it would be.
That's about it for now ...... a link, a link ... lets find one... there are so many good ones.... Dr Ben Bikman Insulin, Fat Loss and Health Episode 98.... lots of information on the internet... find a system that works for you and work the system.
Later Folks,
Re: Well, here I am
27 Mar 2019, 14:35
Today ... is ..... March 27, 2019 almost one year since I showed up here and almost 51 years ago I was drafted into the army.
Weight today 171.5 lbs B P was 140/94 .... a little high but I hadn't taken my BP pill yet.
It's been a good year, I'm still down about 35 lbs from where I was around this time last year. I gained more than I promised myself I would over winter but I plan on losing another 20-25 lbs this spring and summer. It's a lot easier for me to lose weight when it's warm and I can get outside and do thing instead of inside and sitting around to much. I want to see 150 lbs on the scales and size 30 around the waist.
Mom at the nursing home is still doing OK and I make the trip to see her about ever 10 days. I've learned a lot about dementia since she's been there. Looking back there were early signs that went unnoticed and not much could have been done anyway. Mom has never been declared legally incompetent but no way she can begin to manage her own affairs.
I got the riding mower bug so I got three used non running ones and I've been working on those, two of them run now and I'll see what it takes to get the third one up and running. I even mowed some with one of them yesterday. I doubt the neighbours appreciate hearing them run but one is sitting in the back yard running now, got to run them them a while after sitting for who knows how long.
Maggie and I still go for our one mile walks, sometimes I dread going sometimes I wish it were 2 miles but a mile a day keeps the doctor away.
I've started going to Overeaters Anonymous, only three of us there at the meetings but they are super nice people. It still amazes me how the whole food thing has become so unhealthy. To much and unhealthy.
Here's a neat guy that has things under control, not about dieting or food but how he goes through life, amazing talent. ... GaZlD89VfA
T hat's it for today, The mower is still running!
That's my update for today. I hope everyone is doing well.
Re: Well, here I am
28 Mar 2019, 16:44
Hi Everyone,
Just found this site I have been doing the 5-2 diet for 1 week. Lost 1 lb the first week and reading your comments it sounds the norm.
Hopefully with your help I can continue l, although being 60 years old I know it won’t be easy.
Re: Well, here I am
28 Mar 2019, 16:46
Hi Everyone,
Just found this site I have been doing the 5-2 diet for 1 week. Lost 1 lb the first week and reading your comments it sounds the norm.
Hopefully with your help I can continue l, although being 60 years old I know it won’t be easy.
Re: Well, here I am
29 Mar 2019, 02:50
Hi Roscoe! Glad to read that you continue to do well. My own weight has been reasonably stable - nearly 6 years (!) next month ("time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like bananas..."). As you've recognized from your own experience, fasting is an easy way to keep weight in a reasonable range. From the very start, the idea of identifying an ideal weight has been an occasional curiosity for me. I've had a particular number in mind for a while (representing an actual 15% body fat), but haven't made the effort to get there since my annual set of health numbers continue to be nearly ideal.

Both my parents and both in-laws are gone, but I've wondered many times since about their various health issues, several of which at their core could now be considered diet-related - which might also have been mitigated with an occasional fasting and LC regimen even in (two cases) a nursing home environment. The problem, of course, would be overcoming the objections of the local nutritionist - little doubt under-trained and very non-current in what actually works. Too easy (and safe) for them to fallback on outdated, ineffective doctrine.

Walk-wise, you might consider signing up for a local 5K (3.1 miles). It's a great way to meet folks with similar interests (other crazies doing the same thing for health and fresh air in a fun, no-pressure environ). Take Maggie - many of these events are dog friendly!

Another weight-related curiosity (begs for a larger audience discussion) has been mindfulness ("flow" states, brain plasticity...a variation of old dog, new tricks) - how it might be applied to help those that have either plateau-ed or have binging issues, for lack of a better descriptor. There is great potential but I've yet to identify a single all-encompassing reference to recommend.

Oddly several points from mindfulness reading combined with other reading exposed an insight that I'd never considered before - that my reasons for running weren't at all what I thought. So my longer runs have dropped off and my weight remains as it is until I discover better reasons to pursue them further.

All the best...
Re: Well, here I am
30 Mar 2019, 10:25
Dear Roscoe, I got a letter from you in my e-mail, but cannot find it on the Forum. I felt that it was just You and I here. Thank you for writing to me. I do walk every day more than 5 km. All the best to you, Margot :smile:
Re: Well, here I am
02 Apr 2019, 10:56
Hello, ADFnFuel and Margotsylvia and everyone else. I credit all you readers of my silly posts with helping me trudge towards my goal.
One year here ! One year and I'm still alive, I don't know how many people told me I was going to get sick and die eating the way I was. My favourite are those that advise me a person ought to have extra pounds in case of health problems and they might need it.
Today I weighed in at 168, a year ago I think it was around 190 maybe 195? The goal now is on down to the middle of normal on BMI. I'm not muscle bound and I'm not big boned so using the BMI works for me. 142.5 lbs would put me right in the middle of normal for my height. So another 25 lbs to go, seems crazy to most folks but we've lost our sense of what normal is or was or ought to be? Maybe 150 lbs will be good enough, we'll see if and when I get there.
I tried some "controlled" eating the other day. A 10 ounce package of ginger snap cookies. 5 cookies are considered a serving. Long story short, the only controlled eating that happened was because I'd only bought one package. I ate the first 5 ginger snaps and BOOM next thing I knew, to hell with this silly experiment and controlled eating. All it did was confirm that mother nature had her way with me once again. No great harm but it proved to me what I needed to do or not do. I have a choice on what foods to buy and have in the house, I don't have a choice though when they are in the house.
Today is blood sugar test day at the senior center and later a program " Healthy Brains". I enjoy going to those programs.
On the home front, mom is still at the nursing home, the trips have become much easier now since I have a better understanding of dementia and pretty much dropped a lot of the resentments I had towards her. It wasn't an Ozzie and Harriot or Leave it to Beaver TV show life for my sisters and me growing up, not even close. Anyway I go see mom and take her little treats and do what son is supposed to do. My sisters live way to far away to visit her often and have plenty of things and family to deal with where they live.
And thank goodness it's spring here, tomato plants to plant, three old riding lawnmowers to play with, I actually got one running good enough to mow with, I got another good used pickup truck yesterday that I didn't really need but it was to good to pass up. If one of the kids wants my older pickup they can have it, if not I'll sell it. The riding mowers..... I had a really sore ankle and no way I could keep the yards mowed with that ankle so I thought it's probably time to have a riding mower. Of course the ankle cleared up and now I can push mow (which I ought to do) but it's much quicker mowing with the riding mower.
That's the one year update, all in all I'm really satisfied. It's a shame I didn't take better care of my health way back, I did in my own way or I wouldn't be here now, but Hey, if I've made it this far I might as well get serious and try for several more good years.
Later, and any lurkers, feel free to chime in,
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