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Re: Well, here I am
25 Nov 2018, 18:47
Nov. 25, 2018 Weight ( with two shirts, pants, socks) 172 lbs BP (ran out of BP pills 5 days ago) 140/80

Three days after Thanksgiving, No problem with over eating on Thanksgiving this year. I don't care much for turkey and I've got the neighbours and well meaning friends trained to not even bother to bring me anything to eat. It might make them feel good but they know NOT what they are doing, to themselves or their families, and they sure don't want to hear what I've got to say to them. Bah humbug! oh yeah, that's supposed to be for Christmas. The laundry room is cold and that's where the scales are so I weighed with all my clothes on but no shoes. That's going to have to do until it warms up a lot more.
I did go see mom at the nursing home TG and she'd decided to not eat their TG dinner so that made it a lot easier not having to deal with her usual telling me to eat, eat, eat during lunch. Lots of relatives were visiting their loved ones and the parking spaces were full. No problem I jumped the curb and parked in the field and others started doing the same thing. It was a good trouble free trip, mom is doing pretty well all things considered, much better than most of them there. Mom was a nurse and for while she thinking she was still a nurse and running the place but her mind has improved somewhat now and she's not barking orders out to the staff like she was. Maggie (my dog ) always enjoys the ride and seeing mom, and mom enjoys seeing Maggie. Mom dug into her hidden stash and gave me 6 dollars to buy gas and told me to spend what was left on myself. 150 mile round trip and 6 dollars doesn't buy much gas and I sure don't need her 6 dollars but I thanked her and put it in my pocket. I always tell the head nurse about things like that so they can track what comes and goes with the clients.
Yesterday was a nice day up to 72F here and I put 11 miles on the bike. A south wind, and I did a nitrostat tablet against the wind heading out, then it was easy peddling and enjoyable the rest of the way. The stable angina is much better than six years ago but it's never gone completely away, chest pain or discomfort sometimes when I do things that require extra exertion. . From what I've read it's 50/50 going the medication way or stents so I'll continue like I have unless something changes.
I peddled out to the Dollar Tree store and got some frozen veggies and a plastic Snowman and a solar powered Santa for mom's room and a couple of oven mittens for me. Why the oven mittens? For walking Maggie when it's cold. I've got lots of gloves but my fingers still get cold, mittens should work better and since I'm not into style these ought to work just fine. Actually they look pretty decent for a dollar each. Maybe I'll put a Nike logo on them and impress the high steppers.
Today, a cold front has come through 39mph wind from the north and it's 34 F, there won't be any bike riding or dog walking. I don't mind walking in the cold if the wind isn't to bad and Maggie loves the cold but we aren't walking until the wind dies down, I'm not even sticking my head out the door.
December is a week away and yep, I've gained a few pounds, today is going to be a fasting day. I'm adjusting to the colder weather and it should be easier now. That was one of the problems when I fasted last spring, staying warm. Either I'm getting better at salesmanship or folks are just paying more attention but they seem to be listening and questioning me more about this diet/weight loss thing I did. They don't like what they hear but some of them aren't turning their noses up like they were. Even my sisters who are retired RNs seem to be wondering if there might be something to this fasting thing. They learned nutrition years ago and this stuff is pretty far out to them. It was to me also, it takes what it takes to get us here.
I'll keep posting through the holiday season,
This was in the Tulsa paper yesterday, I'm guessing I'm probably one of three in Oklahoma that read the entire article, our state ranks as one of the highest in obesity. ... 6d716.html
I'm still reading and watching everything I can about plant based, meat, high fat, low carb,, high carb. whatever, I've got an open mind about this and really haven't decided what might be best for me but for now it's plants, main thing is very little of highly processed foods with added sugar and high fructose corn syrup. You have to read the labels, read read read.
OK, that's enough for now,
Later, Folks,
Re: Well, here I am
09 Dec 2018, 14:16
Dec. 09. 2018 Weight 169
Almost 10 lbs more than I swore I'd never be again. Two more months of cold weather to go. The cold weather is what I'm blaming for the weight increase. But I knew it was coming and I know what to do. Kind of frustrating. Another part of the problem is my clothes still fit just fine and I'm getting around easily. I'll do what it takes when a dose of motivation hits me. I'm still down 37 lbs from last April.
Not a lot going on in my world, things shut down during winter, I'm still walking Maggie though but there aren't many out and about like when it's warmer. I did check a friend's car the high speed on his car heater didn't work. probably the relay. I forgot that circuit has a separate fuse for the high speed. I''ll call him Monday and run over and check that. A neighbour called, she got a high water bill and I went over and showed her how to check at the meter for leaks. ..... And another neighbour wanted to put an old pick up truck someone had given him in the street in front of the house next door. I told him to put it in his own back yard and leave the street clear, he put it in another neighbour's back yard. I've learned the hard way not to let other people store their things and junk at my places. I've still got stuff from years ago waiting for them to come get it. To precious to throw away but not precious enough to rent a storage unit.
Today is another go visit mom at the nursing home. She had them call yesterday to ask if I was going to be there this weekend. I have it marked on her calendar but she gets confused about the days, months and years. Mom also keeps wanting to talk to her Dad, my grandfather. I tell mom he died years ago but she swears she saw him. Kind of weird but it's happened over and over. Anyway I'll stop on the way out of town and get some things for her. Probably some Christmas stuff to decorate the room a little, and some candy (not much) and bananas and peanut butter crackers. I try to get her to eat healthy as much as possible. The food at the nursing home is good but mom eats like a little kid, she waits for dessert and eats that instead of the more nutritious main meals. Probably the best thing that has come from all the nursing home visits is it motivated me to start taking better care of myself. I've never met anyone that wanted to go into a nursing home me included and intend to keep that from happening as long as possible. Strokes, mental capacity and lack of mobility are what get us there and a lot can be done to delay that as long as possible.
Enough for today, I'm hanging in here. I'm curious what happens after the Holidays. How many will show up? I don't know if I'm just paying attention more or if the news is reporting more on overweight and obesity but it seems to make the news more. And a link, diet sodas ... I don't drink it but it still interests me, .. ... eight-loss
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