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Re: Well, here I am
29 Jul 2018, 17:11
Sunday ... July 29, 2018 Weight 160.25 BP 120/82
Those helmets, ADFnFuel , I'd try one, just to see if it would help. I usually wear a hat like this, ... gJ52PD_BwE
It's made of woven plastic and hard but it's still irritating and kinda dangerous when those birds hit.
Here's some guys that tried different ideas,
Main problem is I have to take that street were they are to get to the big walmart and Dollar Tree west of town. Oh well it's a seasonal thing and they should calm down soon.
I got the daytime running lights. I "glued" them on the car ... in the grill so they look OK ... did I say glue? Yes, well adhesive, the lights are light weight and I glued solar lights on the windmill blades so I could watch them spin at night and they've been on there going on three years now. If the adhesive can keep those on then it won't be any problem holding the lights onto the car. I got the control box and wiring yesterday, opened the hood, took the top of the fuse box off and decided it was time for a nap. But I'll finish up today. It took me getting a ticket to get me to using seat belts but here I am installing those driving lights. Probably because of the guy that didn't see me years ago and both cars were totaled. Daylight running lights could have prevented that.
Maggie and I had our walk today, nothing exciting. Friday I put one of the new SSDs in the old computers I use for watching the big screen TV and installed a fresh Linux Mint version, yesterday I did another one of the SSDs in the old laptop. Linux Mint has it down pretty good now for GUI and linux doesn't clog up with cookies like the Win7 on this computer does, although I keep the cookies cleaned out it doesn't take long and this computer is slowing down again. No telling where all the data is going they collect. I got three of the SSDs from Newegg only 128 gig but plenty big enough for the old computers. Eventually I'll change this one over to linux mint but I use multiple screens on this one and thus far I never got Linux to work well with those.
And once again I got the bill for a doctor's office visit from last December, so once again I'll be making phone calls tomorrow, the insurance claims they paid the corporate health care folks, the corporate health care folks claim they never got paid..... all I know for sure is I keep getting the bill and I'm not paying it. 107 dollars and I ain't paying it! I may spend two hours on the phone every month trying to get someone off their butt and do their job but I ain't paying that bill. Famous last words like, "Hold my beer and watch this. and "I ain't paying"
Oh yeah, the weight loss ... I knew I was here for some reason. I was going through some old clothes this morning and tried on a pair of 38 pants. Yep, I lost a lot of weight. I'm going to donate them to the 2nd hand shop and they can sell them to someone who needs them and it's likely that person also donated their size 32 pants for me to buy because they gained to much weight. LOL it's a charity thing and I get better quality clothes this way. Diets keep them in business. I just hope I'm never there again to buy size 38 ..... I hate to say this but I even had some size 40 pants a few years ago. Funny thing with us guys, size 32 underwear always fit.
OK, I'll let you go, I hope everyone is enjoying the day as much as I intend to.
Re: Well, here I am
02 Aug 2018, 13:31
Aug 2, 2018 Weight 161.5 BP 115/80
I guess I'm pretty much where I wanted to be. I took a whole BP pill today and I'll check my BP later. 115/75 would be ideal, I can't seem to get that bottom number down below 80. My old kidneys need all the help they can get ... and also my heart.
Not a lot going on, I did the visit mom at the nursing home thing a couple of days ago. She was in her own world big time. She had it in her mind my grandad (her father) was in a hospital somewhere and she had to go see him. I told her "He's been dead over 30 years now", but it never registered with her. That was the theme for the day with mom. She also finally noticed I'd lost a lot a weight and told me to quit dieting because it made me look 10 years older. I told her mom, "I'm going to be 70 soon, I am old". All in all it was a nice day and I thought maybe mom would like to be pushed around outside some. That's what we did and she complained the whole time. Oh well, I try. It was actually one of the better trips, probably because I was in the right frame of mind that day.
The highway I usually take was closed so I took a short cut I knew about, what I didn't know what they got a lot rain and a section of dirt road was mud. My car looked like it had been in a mud wrestling contest when I got back on the highway. It was pretty much covered in mud, the pretty new daylight running lights? There were covered with mud along with the head lights and the passenger side window. Even mud on the top of the car. I cleaned off the headlights and windows before heading home. When I was wheeling mom around the nursing home I showed her my car and that set her off. She wanted me to go wash it "RIGHT NOW". At least it got her mind off grandpa for a little bit.
So things are going well this summer, doing the typical things I usually do but much easier now without the extra pounds. A neighbor called me to light the pilot on her water heater yesterday, and things like that ... it's night and day the difference, especially getting back up off the floor after getting the pilot light going.
I did wash the car yesterday, I also trimmed a section of the back yard sidewalk so the dogs won't get their feet wet.... spoiled dogs. Guy dogs don't care, Gal dogs they are picky about wet grass.
That's about for today. I hope everyone is having a GOOD day !
Re: Well, here I am
05 Aug 2018, 15:33
August 5, 2018 weight 160.25 BP 120/80
Thus far I'm holding around 160 lbs. Getting there was the old goal, staying there is now the goal. TV commercials galore of food food food and the travel shows what do they do? Of course they look at a couple of museums then eat at some "gotta try" this cafe. The system is against us! Our best friends, they want to cram food into us. Oh you look great, here try this cake ....... one piece won't hurt you, and they are right one doesn't hurt, but it's the triggering mechanism it causes that does the damage.
OK, I"ll get off my soapbox.
What was really cool yesterday, I took the dogs to the dog park, they love it and I'm often the only one there. Yesterday a person I knew from a year ago and used to talk to at the dog park was there, and he'd lost weight, it turned out he had been dieting and body building so we had a great conversation about diets and nutrition and what we were doing..... and we walked while talking! That's the first time in 6 years I've gotten anyone to walk with me around and around the dog park. He has a personal trainer and went into great detail the meals he eats. I wish all dog park visits were this good, it is for the dogs but I'm left hanging usually.
Today is another go visit mom day, four trips this month to the nursing home. I finally took the time and learned how to RIP some more songs onto the flash drive so I"ll have some new music to listen to while driving there and back. I also like to watch what the car is doing with the app "Torque" on the smart phone. It connects via bluetooth to the OBDII port, miles driven, engine temp, car speed vs GPS, and gobs of other things to monitor while driving, it's another guy thing. Lots of laughs,... here ya go ladies .... ... bd2-95772/
I finally got around to cobbling up a lithium battery pack for the old cordless drill and sawsall. The old Nicd batteries were shot. So I rewired some things so I can use lithium batteries in them and now I can use the sawsall once again. Gotta be really careful how you do the batteries or you could burn the house down. Two things I won't leave unattended charging lithium batteries and the clothes drier running.
Enough for today, I need to get ready to go see mom.
Later folks, Today's final Jeopardy answer 3500 calories equal this amount ......
Re: Well, here I am
05 Aug 2018, 18:22
Hi Roscoe!

Well what a great time you had at the dog park!! Will you meet this chap again? Sounds as though you had loads to talk about - all diet related!!
What dogs do you have? I have a little Italian Greyhound called Minnie. She keeps me walking - but only when she's in the mood!

I don't understand your last sentence. Is that the answer to a question? If so, what's the question?!!

Bean :bugeyes:
Re: Well, here I am
05 Aug 2018, 19:41
Thanks! Interesting gadget. i've a code reader/resetter but it's not interactive.
Re: Well, here I am
09 Aug 2018, 12:04
August 9, 2018 Weight 159.5 BP 120/80
I posted a couple of days ago but it isn't showing up. I probably broke a rule or did something not allowed. Jeopardy is an American quiz show, the answer is given and the contestants have to answer in the form of a question. So "What is a pound". Would be the correct response.
Yesterday started out normal and got weird really fast. My neighbor of over 30 years was at the door and said he needed a ride to go get his car. No problem, but as we were going to get it he wasn't making any sense. Then he didn't remember where his car was or why it was where it was and wanted to go back home and started saying he was crazy. Then he didn't know where home was, it was obvious something was going on with him ... we got back and I called Pat (another neighbor) and she came right over and she said we'd better get him to the hospital and that's what we did. My neighbor was really confused and the emergency room treated it as a stroke and started running all the normal stroke tests. So far nothing has shown up physiological as a problem. They kept him over night and I'm taking care of his place till we find the source of the problem and get him fixed back to normal. He's never had any problems like this before so it's a complete surprise to us. Funny thing while waiting at the hospital bedside the lab was drawing some blood samples and nurse and a couple of other staff were their along with Pat the neighbor that helped getting Jerry to the hospital ... someone said we could get lunch in the cafeteria ... I said I was fine and didn't need to eat, Then Pat said he's lost a lot of weight and next thing I knew they were all telling me to go eat and acting like I was a patient with life threatening starvation. This is the emergency room staff who treat the lifestyle folks that show up with all their health problems brought on by overeating and poor nutrition. I finally said it appeared I was stealing all the attention and let's get back to Jerry. It was a crazy day getting crazier. They kept Jerry in the hospital still looking for the problem and what will be needed to get him back to normal. Pat, Jerry and I all live alone, in separate house in a row on this side of the street and we take care of each other.
The new android based radio/navigation/lots of bells and whistle in dash radio thing for the old Toyota is supposed to show up today and I'll see if I can get that put in the old car without causing a fire. I was in the process of buffing out the haze on the headlights and repainting the wheel covers when things got weird yesterday and that project got put on hold, so I'm driving the old Toyota around with no wheel covers and painting tape stuck around the headlights ....... life at it's best!
Dogs and I made it to the dog park yesterday evening, our peaceful safe place, Brad the guy that has also lost a lot of weight was there but he was having some family problems and was on his phone most of the time.
Yesterday the scales were at 162, today 159.5 that's how much the weight can vary from day to day, If a person weighs only once a week or month that's something to take into consideration, I can see where they might hit a low day or high day and get discouraged.
I'd better get going, time for Maggie and me to walk the walk and bark the bark.
Later folks,
Re: Well, here I am
10 Aug 2018, 00:57
Hi Roscoe

In the VERY nicest of ways, reading your posts is a bit like following "The days of our lives". I can just imagine viewing your life and those of your neighbours on screen. Perhaps one of those series of 5-10mins shorts that we have both here and in the UK (I wouldn't know about the US). A quietly charming and gentle show.

Very best wishes. :like: :clover: :smile:
Re: Well, here I am
11 Aug 2018, 22:37
August 11, 2018 Weight 156.25 BP 118/76
You nailed it Sassy, This is the days of my life. It's good for me to stop and think and typing this keeps my mind on track at least for a while. I try it all together somehow with weight loss. I'm finally getting near the 155 low I wanted to hit and then maintain 155 to 160.
My next door neighbour, Jerry is still "hospitalized" Where he is now only family members can visit. He did call and he's not happy where he's at. I told him it looked like he might be having a stroke and we couldn't wait around to see if he got better on his own. He'll understand sooner or later. Pat and I jumped on his yard, it was mess, way over grown and saplings growing next to the house that were rubbing on the roof. Actually they were trees, whatever they were they were they will be gone when we finish cutting them up. Kind of intrusive but it needed to be done and he doesn't need the city after him for not maintaining the property right now.
I got the in dash car media centre for my old car installed. Now I have a back up camera, GPS, MP3 player, bluetooth, wifi,..... all kinds of gizmos to play with while driving. Oh yeah, it even has a radio (LOL)! So far I like it. I had my reading glasses on so I could solder some wires and noticed ...... my car is filthy, it gets bumped up on the list of things to do. Number 1 , Clean the inside of the car.
Maggie and I walked our mile early this morning. Later I put a couple of miles on the bike going to a meeting and back. This weight thing...... the more I lose the easier it gets, a lot of it because it's so much easier to move now. It's like the bike has a motor on it now when I ride it, much easier to ride it up hills and I can go a little faster. Time to eat a bit and a nap, I've been missing my naps
Later folks,
Re: Well, here I am
14 Aug 2018, 11:29
August 14, 2018 Weight this morning 159.5 BP 118/80
It's been 6 days since my next door neighbour had his "event". He's not back yet and no telling when he will be back. I got tired of fighting with his front door, it was rubbing badly when trying to open it. I trimmed the bottom off, easy job (NOT). It was a solid core 1 3/4" door and it had to come off so I could trim the bottom off. Over 100 lbs that door was. I got it done though and now the door is much easier to open so it's easier to feed and water the dogs over there. While I was doing that Pat came around and started on the way out of control over grown vines and bushes in the front. We are talking major jungle but half of them are now piled up in the front yard and ready to be cut up and mulched. I'll do that today. Pat was faunching at the bit to get after that mess and she went full gorilla. It was so overgrown there was no trimming, There are stubs now about a foot and a half high, they will grow back soon enough. I don't know what Jerry will think when he gets home but he won't have to worry about dealing with the city property code enforcement people now.
Chester was visiting Jason across the street and his pickup leaked transmission fluid and made a big puddle in front of Jason's place...... Jason's wife was unhappy about that and Chester decided to replace the pan gasket on the old pickup. I told him to put in front of my place and he could use the air ratchet .... so that's what happened. What Chester failed to mention was he didn't have money enough buy more transmission fluid. So there the pickup sets until payday. His wife showed up and they had a little tiff out front about their finances. I tell ya, we don't need cable
TV in this neighbourhood, all you have to do is sit on the front porch, there is plenty of entertainment. Chester is a slim guy and I stood along side him and asked Jason if I was as thin as Chester now. Jason said we were about the same. SUCCESS!
My health insurance people called yesterday concerned I hadn't filled my prescriptions. I told the lady why and that I was going to refill only the lisinopril from now on. She said she could order that for me. She gets "Brownie" points if she does so I said OK. I have to wonder if the health insurance people company is more concerned about my health or my money. I think we know the answer to that.
I'm so far pleased with the new radio thing in the car, I played with the navigation part to the grocery store all two miles there and two miles back and didn't wind up in Kansas or Texas so I've got that part mastered. I've been ripping the audio from youtube videos onto a USB using linux. so I can play those when driving. I don't know how it does it but it only takes a few seconds for a three minute song. Oldies are my thing. Music is in the ears of the beholder.
So I've been staying busy, I ate a huge meal last night, a couple of potatoes some beans and salsa dumped on top. About half way through I was filled but I heard grandma from somewhere telling me to clean my plate and yes, the starving kids in China mantra. No harm done, it wasn't all that many calories for the day. I weighed 158 yesterday 159.5 today. That's what I wanted, bounce around under 160.
Tomorrow is go visit mom day at the nursing home. I got her an old fashioned simple phone with big buttons so maybe she will be able to use it. The phone she has is useless to her, to many buttons on it and small buttons and the volume isn't loud enough, It might not be such a good thing if she does have a phone she can use, I guess we'll find out.
I thank you folks for being here, it really has made a difference. I'm doing things now I couldn't have 6 years ago or even a year ago and I enjoy doing them. What was work is now play. Getting those pounds off has made the difference.
And now it's Maggie walking time.
Re: Well, here I am
17 Aug 2018, 11:24
August 17, 2018 Weight this morning 158 BP 115/72
I was looking in the full length mirror the other day, kind of an accident a side view and I'm a skinny old man now. According to the CDC I could lose another 15 lbs and still be normal though. My arms and back and chest ... turned out that wasn't muscle that came off but stored fat. And my belly and butt .... those have flattened. No six pack abs though, just a hernia that show up. The hernia has probably been there for years but didn't show up. It's not bad enough to warrant attention yet. The doctor wasn't concerned, so I'm not.
The trip to visit mom was uneventful and that's good news. The phone I got her didn't work so that needs checking out, could be the phone or it could be her connection.
My neighbour got home yesterday, he didn't have much to say. Thanked me for taking care of his dogs and didn't have anything to say about his yard getting the buzz cut, He is on meds now and might not have even noticed.
I took the dogs to the dog park yesterday, not many people were there, my three dogs and I had the small dog park to ourselves. The parking there isn't very well thought out and it's a bit of a walk from the parking to the entrance to the dog park. That's all it takes for us Americans to not do something. I remember being that way, circling a parking lot to find a parking place closer to the door.
This has been a mild summer here, the other day the high of the day was 20F below normal. That's OK with me, we've had some blistering summers but not this year. High today is expected to be mid 90s F.
The fall and winter months are coming and that's going to be the test to see if I can stay under 160 lbs. I've cut out most all the junk food now and I'm going to try my best to stay where I'm at.
I ordered a new TV, 40 inch one to use as a computer monitor, it should arrive today. It has only HDMI connections though and my computers are VGA so I've been looking at what graphic card to get. I might wind up just getting a newer computer before it's all over. My old eyes don't know the difference anyway between a TV screen and a high dollar big computer monitor. I'm using a 32 inch TV right now and it's working OK. The 40 inch TV, I ought to be able to do a split screen with it.
I suppose I better put my shoes on and dog and I get our walk done.
Later Folks, and thanks for being here,
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