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Hi everyone, time to report your progress in September!

My stats:
Started at 64.3 kg, waist 69.75cm
Ended at 64.4 kg, waist 70cm.
Maintenance going OK :victory:
Still chasing the same pesky lb. Looking at events on the calendar I shall be saying the same next month too!
I don't record my weight every day. So from this site's TRACKER
(Sept. 4) 52.2 kg
(Sep. 30) 54.1 kg
Had an unexpected holiday in Italy 15 - 22. September. About 5 pounds weight gain which now trying to lose by 5:2 method. 2 pounds left to lose still, or maybe 3, I don't really function in pounds. I need to lose 1kg and about 400 g to be within my maintenance range. :razz:
After a lot of struggling and up n downing thru out the month,lost four pounds in sept
Feel better for it xx
Woohoo! Right direction at last :0)
Happily maintaining. Very happy as that is our goal ..... 9 months to date for me. Pleased as punch :victory: :smile:
Starting: 150.6 lbs
Ending: 148 lbs
Loss of 2.6 pounds. Not a lot, but pretty average for me. Happy, nonetheless :grin:
01/09/15: 149.5 pounds
01/10/15: 147.5 pounds
In between that, after a visit to Belgium, my weight reached 153.5 pounds, which is not so good for a maintainer! At least I'm back to target now and I'm ending the month two pounds lighter than when it started! :victory:
01/09/15 123 lbs
30/09/15 122 lbs (top of range)

We will draw a veil over the mid-month bulge, cough, cough.
I weigh myself only on Sundays, so:
06/09 - 94.30 kg
2/10- 92.60 kg
1st September 119.6 lbs. 2nd October 115.2 lbs. A loss of 4.4 lbs/2Kg.
For the past 3 weeks I have been keeping as close as possible to recommended TDEE on non fast days - a bit difficult last week as I ate out on four occasions - and really enjoyed it!
Not good, ups and down all month ending up 250g heavier. Looked at another way a block of butter spread all over. Positive note - a good day on 1 October, hope that is a signal for the month.
I've never done one of these weigh-ins, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to weigh-in (haha?) on maintenance. Only a pound variation over the month, but more importantly, not more than two pounds over my acceptable range since October 4, 2013.
Thank you, Michael Mosley! Thank you, @Moogie! Thank you, fellow fastday forumites! And thank you especially to my special friends on the forum!
Hi, I started the month far away from my scale and didn't weigh in until
mid-Sept. (around the 14th) and weighed in at 9 stone 12 lbs. (138) after pretty much being in half-way maintenance.
On Oct.1, I weighed in at 9 stone 13 lbs. (139).
Weight lost in Sept.: 1 lb. OOPS--make that Weight gained in Sept.: 1 lb.
I'm in the Spring into Fall, and am hoping it will be better by Oct.31! :wink: As of today, I am down to 9 stone 11 lbs. (137).
Hi @WendyJane thanks to you too! Many congratulations on reaching your second anniversary as a maintainer :victory: :cool: :like: :heart: I'm in my 10th month maintaining, I thought it would be hard and it's not. Realising I needed to make a change two years ago, the light bulb moment was tough at the time but also the very best moment looking back. :heart:
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