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I'm really sad to read this. This site and all of the friends I have found here have taken me through some very difficult times over the past few years. Moogie I'd like to thank you for all of the blood, sweat and tears you have put into this, but your health has to come first. I hope we can find a way to keep the site going.
I too am so sorry the site may have to close and thanks Moogie for all your hard work. Whilst I don't tend to post, I do record my data and occasionally look up recipes and topics posted on the forum page. The many articles on how it all works are invaluable and very informative. All are so well written and in clear language.

How many paying members do you need to keep it viable?

Best wishes and hope your health improves.
@Moogie I appreciate your work, commitment, and honesty. Hopefully health will improve as you let go and rest more. Others can decide how to keep this going, and I do hope it can continue. Like others, I am willing to pay a monthly fee. WW costs per month till you earn lifetime membership, and this is SO much better! Hugs :heart:
@moogie I absolutely agree that your health should come first every time and I'm so glad you have been able to make this decision as I know it must have been hard considering how much time and energy you have devoted to the site over the past nearly 4 years.

As the second (or maybe third) person to join the forum on its inception back in Jan 2013, I too will be very sad if we can't find a way to enable it to carry on. I was asked whether I might be able to take over, and, while I would love to do so, I do not have the time nor the computer knowledge (or Moogie's fantastic ability to keep everything on an even keel and sort out personality clashes, misunderstandings etc etc). I am so very grateful to have been involved in this wonderful forum and without it I would certainly not be where I am today.

Due to the forum, my interest in nutrition and weight loss has been kindled to such an extent that I am about to (next week) embark on a course of study at Worcester University to become a qualified nutritional therapist. I am excited to be going back to university at the tender age of 57!!! This is one reason that I won't have the time to be able to run the forum. Without the forum I would not have become involved in Ways of Eating which I am very excited about as I have seen how nutritional coaching can really turn people's life around and help them keep on track when things get tough (a more intensive version of the forum if you will).

With my nutrition course and my work for Ways of Eating, I will be working a 6-day week and so just don't have the time to take on FastDay as well. However, I will do whatever I can to help it continue in one form or another.

Thank you all and Moogie especially for everything you have done for me.
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Oh @Moogie this is sad news but somehow inevitable, given your health.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this forum, for investing it with joy and knowledge, for waking me up to my growing weight and worse health and inspiring me to improve both and live longer.
Friends around the world, your constant encouragement has meant a lot to me, my life will be dimmer without you.
And I was just in a happy mood to open my usual 'fasting Tuesday' topic when I stumbled on this one :shock:
Comes as a bit of a shock indeed, as for anyone for whom this forum has been a part of their identity as a 'faster for life'. It has brought so much to so many, for which all the thanks in the world to those who made it happen. @moogie @carorees and many others. Fully understand the decisions that you have had to take. I would certainly be in favour of trying to continue it and still make it happen, but do not feel in a position to 'just take it over', as I have no forum maintaining experience, not an abundance of time and as I am livng in the Netherlands, I am not very central to most of the users.
Still have to collect my thoughts on this (and will come back on that later), but in the meanwhile, would it be possible to give some very general indication of the costs that would be involved in keeping it running in a light version in terms of money and amount of time?

Oh how sad. Without being able to monetize it, or get sponsorship etc, I totally understand the crossroads you have come to.

I think it makes everyone realise that these things like forums, websites, personal trackers dont just happen and keep going without effort and dollars behind it. Soi much good has come from it, and as many have stated, many strong friendships, both offline and online have resulted and of course, many thousands of kilos shed and many years of life gained. We are all so grateful.

Should there be no way of recovering from this, for the facebookers, can we "move" the enthusiasm of forum to there as it is effectively "free" . I realise facebook is by no means the same thing as an online forum but there are many groups of IF'ers giving each other support within the Facebook environment. Some of the other 5:2 and 16:8 groups dont have the same spirit that is here.

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and responses. I'm still hoping we can find some way to salvage things, although the company will certainly be shutting up shop so to speak. I'm sorry that this reply isn't very long or personal. It's been a really busy week for me with work and today is not one of my better days so I am keen to get to the sofa with a blanket and (at least one) cat ASAP.

@carorees That's fantastic for you, I'm so thrilled that you're taking the plunge into Uni. I'm sure you'll love it and I know you'll be brilliant at it, like I've always said - you have a brain the size of a planet! :)

@P-JK Thanks for asking about the costs etc, I'm going to check the details with the boss and will drop you a message as soon as I have more info for you which I hope will help you to make an informed choice.
Thanks for taking time tokeep us posted @moogie x hope you got snug with the cat(s)
Nothing more comforting than resting with at least one purring cat tucked in with you IMHO
@carorees! How exciting! Good luck x and like Moogie said,you are avery clever lady,so we know you will do very well.Thanks for all the knowledge that youve shared here
Saying my prayers that we can keep going by hook or by crook! Xx ps@moogiei LOVE the colours in yr hair ! X
Wow, I'm so sorry I missed this! My mom has been in the hospital and I"ve been super preoccupied.

I will be sad to see this go, but I of course agree with your decision that your health comes first. This has been a fantastic resource. I've gotten much healthier and met so many wonderful people. Thank you for that wonderful gift.
a few questions:

(1) how much longer will this board run as-is

(2) is it even possible to migrate this board (minus trackers and bells and whistles) to a free proboards site?

(3) how much does it cost to maintain the board on this site? Would a paypal donation tab make a big difference in keeping the board running?

(4) how much tech knowledge and time is required to maintain the forums and trackers without any tweaking or improving things ever?
Forum Team - how much is the Forum in the red? Would donations for past bills be at all helpful? I know that's past expenses, but still legitimate.
@Moogie you must be rare with your specialty computer skills. I do hope we can continue in some form.
:heart: :heart:
oh how sad!! This website taught me all about 5-2 and helped me SO MUCH. My life will never be the same. What a sad day this is
I am so sorry to hear this news. I've been a member for a long time but don't visit the site very often these days. Moogie thanks for all your hard work - I would not have succeeded in reaching my goal weight in 2013 without this site and the support of fellow 5:2 ers. I was able to maintain successfully for nearly a year but unfortunately I have slipped since then. I will get back to target!

Best wishes for the future to Moogie and all members xx
I have attempted to email you but the email addresses are bouncing. So do you have a phone number I could contact you on. I am interested in running the site.
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