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Help us to help you! Please give us as much information as you can about your situation in order for us to be able to help you as best we can. For example, it's helpful to know your BMI/weight, how much you want to lose, any medical conditions which might affect your weight and (if you've started fasting already) how you do your fasts in terms of splitting up your calories, what you eat etc. Thanks!
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Ok, so I've been doing this since the beginning of August, and the initial results were fab.
The past 5 weeks, however, I've hovered between 9st 61/2 and 9st 6..... To 'kick start' loss, I did 4:3 for two weeks, without success - even ensuring 16:8 throughout.
Today, 2 pounds have arrived :-/
I've adjusted my TDEE to 1800, stuck to between 450-500 cals on fast days, drinking plenty of water, and I'm exercising 5 days out of 7 (running or elliptical trainer).
I'm always starving on fast days, otherwise I'd try completely fasting.
So, I'm flummoxed.
I've now got 8lbs to get to my goal, my waist hasn't really got smaller, I'm exercising etc....

Any ideas would be gratefully relieved xxx
Hang on in there hamster and keep dancing!
I am dreading this happening to me..was encouraged by 12 lb loss over 8 weeks but wondering will it all go belly up now..
And my belly isnt a nice sight!
I agree with you..i cant quite go " complete fast" as yet either..
We will get there in time,we are relatively new...we have all the longtermers experiences to keep us on track.
Grit yr teeth,be patient..there will suddenly be a shift back to losing..!
And the best bit of all? Only eight pounds to go..whereas i am stones away from goal yet!
You' ll be happily maintaining while i am still plodding on! :0)
Hi Candice! I'm from Liverpool - fantastic place!!!
Thanks for your encouragement - much appreciated. I promise I'll stick to it - it's so refreshing to actually enjoy food again, instead of the constant guilt.
You've done really well - big pat on the back xxx
Ooh you will have to let me know when youre in town and have a meet up with me and Callyanna! :)
I'd love to....not been 'home' since my mum died back in 2001. My ex husband was from Dorset, so I've been in exhile since 1992 :-) xxx
Maybe read Caroees thread on famine effect might give you some tips. It is harder in the last few lbs/kg. E.g I am so close but so far and am trying 4/3 with 5:2 liquid low cal liquid fast and an 18:6. Dunno the solution but just working away at it. All the best
Hi and welcome:

Well, it does not sound like your exercise is helping - no surprise: 5-2-diet-chat-f6/topic6543.html

You don't give enough information as to whether it is a real plateau. Maybe this will help: 5-2-diet-chat-f6/topic6491.html

Good Luck!
Hi dancinhamster!

Have you considered mixing up your exercise? Add more strength training for example to build more muscle. They say having more muscle makes you burn more. Also they say our body adapts pretty quickly to the type of exercise we do.. so if we're doing "just" running/elliptical everyday, our body becomes more effective and use less energy, so to speak. Just a thought.

Plateau sucks, I know.. so hang in there!!
Without your progress chart it's hard to say much else than some standard advice.

As it's been said, the exercise won't do much for your weight loss in numbers. It's good for your health and makes you look better. The crucial thing is how it builds and solidifies a habit which will keep you lean and fit once you've reached your goal. Of course more important than quick weight loss right now, especially since it should be fat loss you're after.

I don't believe the water thing makes a difference other than possibly for your sense of well being, but who knows.

Cutting radically down on carbs should make a difference, if you haven't already. It had a dramatical impact in my case.

Also, you might be surprised, for some people it's actually easier to have zero calories on fast days.
Thank you to everyone who's taken the trouble to reply - I truly appreciate it!
I'm going to try more fartlek running (if my back injury allows), and some hills when I can. I'm careful with weights (because of my back) so I tend to do a bit of yoga for strength.
Yes - losing the last bit IS a pain! However, reading the stories here I feel sure I'm heading in the right direction...but as I'm always really hungry on fast days, I don't think I could eat nothing - especially if I'm running that night :-$
And finally - carbs! I try to keep my carb intake low. Carbs bloat me and make me crave stodge.

Fingers crossed, good luck to all - I'll keep you posted :-) xxx
Stick with it dancinghamster :heart:
As advised i was going to say try holding back a little on your excersise, read everthing you've just been given.
When i thought i'd hit the plateau few months back i reduced my carb intake because i've got severe water retention this actually kickstarted my loss and slightly improved my legs.
I kept off bread + pasta + rice + potatoes on fastdays, and bulked up with salads or veg with chicken :heart: Sue
Thanks for this post Sue. I have lost half of my goal weight loss and have been stuck for a month. I took last week off and plan to modify my TDEE as well as increase my running from 30 minutes, 3 times a week to 45-1hr, at least 4 days a week. Hopefully this will work for me!
Hey there hammy, I have got the same problem as you on a big plateau, so hang on in there, you aren't alone. It is obviously easier for some than others, just wish I was in the easy camp!
I am testing low carb and high fat this week so I will keep you posted!
I am preparing a big box of fireworks for when you get off that plateau @Debs & @weightlossjw! :brb:
Make it a bigger box @auriga. As you know, I have been there too but hopefully on the way back. :like:
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