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Thank you all for your brilliant replies and for caring enough to reply at such length. It makes me feel so much better.

I should tell you that I am a type A personality who is a workaholic and very self critical and driven. As a youngster I had no interest in food as eating was a waste of time. My adult weight was 71/2 stone and I worked from the moment I woke and put on my 4" heels until about midnight when I took them off and crashed out for 6 hours. I didn't eat much and what I did eat was burned off anyway. Fine until I did so well at my job and in my mid 30's got to the top of the tree and a job which took me off my feet and at a desk, a job which was very wrong for me and very stressful. Add ageing parents and getting married, which added to the workload as we had a quite high status social life, and I started to struggle. I discovered that food and drink were a consolation. The weight started to go on and I hated it. i struggled for 10 years and the weight went up to 12 1/2 stone which was dreadful for me. Finally , when I was 49, I burnt out completely and had to give up work. I was put on medication which piled on more weight and I ended up at 15 1/2 stone. After 3 years I took myself off the medication and managed in the next two years to lose 5 stone. However I was left with CFS which is the bane of my life and hard to come to terms with as it is so contrary to my personality, I still want everything done yesterday. I constantly struggle with my weight and so want to get it under control again and really beat myself up that I just can't do it (did I mention I am also a control freak?)

So, thank you for your kind words and wisdom. Please stay with me, I really need you!

By the way, my hair is the only young thing about me these days. I am blessed by good genes which keep it brown even though it should have been silver years ago (I am now 67). It saves me a fortune at the hairdressers!!!

Thank you so much,
Hi fellow Silver one (I'm 67 too)-- Congratulations on the good hair genes! For whatever reason, I'm missing them and my hair would be the least young part of me --or at least it would be if anyone could see all of it! My husband is a Type A, so I am familiar with what that entails. I, myself, am probably a Type D. :shock: The cork floating on the waves analogy is really apt. The thing is, you need to keep an eye on both the cork--you wouldn't want to lose it--and the horizon (maybe the ultimate goal?).. I think a way to do this is to think about a Way of Eating and Living that you can live with and then use that as one of your metrics. The other metrics might be body measurements, exercise of some sort, health assessments, meditation practice (I highly recommend it.) and maybe contentment? Don't put all your eggs in one basket. In a way that's what got us in the fix we are in and which we are striving to get out of. :lol: As M. Messier, my college French Professor used to say, "Courage!"
ADFnFuel wrote:
Silverslimmer wrote:
My point? Wave induced ups and downs of 3-4 pounds (2k) every day is very normal. Individually these measures mean nothing if that wave doesn't also rise up high enough to travel up the beach soaking one's towel, pushing sand into sensitive places and tickling one's butt (arse) with the cork. .......
Definitely a slippery and uncomfortable, sand-in-the-crotch, kind of slope. .........
Please consider substituting curiosity with a sense of adventure and a gleeful willingness to experiment as new sources of personal delight leading to a different towel on a different beach without the damned cork.

This may be my all-time favorite analogy ! Brilliant--and very sensory! :heart:
Latest weigh in and I am down to 12.05.02, that is 8lbs in 5 weeks and you will be pleased to know that I am happy!!

I have taken on board all you said last week and realised I was being far too hard on myself. I had decided that I just wanted rid of the weight as fast as I could and so even on the non fast days I was being very strict especially with the food I love but know isn't very good for me. This week I have allowed myself the odd treat and feel much happier. There was no way I could have maintained the other way without being totally miserable and as this is going to take me at least a year I need to be able to do it and be happy!!

I have accepted it will take time and my aim is to lose a little each week. I want to avoid yo-yoing up and down though. I have found this past week that I have not felt hungry on the fast days which has been great and the other good news is that I have now lost 3 inches from my waist.

Thanks again for you help and support.
8 lbs in 5 weeks is awesome!! Congratulations! :cool: I understand though, it can get to be a bit obsessive. I am doing 16:8 now and am technically only counting calories during the week (using MFP) but I find myself tracking them on the weekends too. I know the whole point of this WOE is to get to enjoy eating sometimes and not be restrictive 7 days a week. In reality, I would be very happy losing a pound a week, especially if I get to splurge a bit in the process! I just have to remember that!

Oh, and I am very jealous about your non-greying hair!! :wink:
Joining in on the congratulations for the 8 lb. weight loss AND the 3 inch reduction in your waist! And, more than anything, congratulations on finding a fasting equilibrium. The fact that you are learning to "make it work" (as Tim Gunn from Project Runway would say) is the best news of all! You will be able to draw on this in the future.
Thanks @cblasz@bordergirl
To be honest, I think the 'fasting equilibrium ' is still a work in progress! However I am feeling more positive which is a good sign.

I have started dressmaking again, difficult because of my CFS, but I thought some new clothes would be good and also doing that takes my mind off food. It also forces me to face the realities of the flab!

Will be back next week with next progress report.
Well, we all are a work in progress, and equilibrium (of any kind) is sometimes fleeting. :smile: But, glad you are feeling better. I think the dressmaking is brilliant! I can sew and used to do it a fair amount, but could never consider myself a dressmaker. Congratulations! As you fashion your new clothing, be sure to build in the fact that your body may change pretty quickly in some nice ways and you will have to alter some things. It is a great problem to have. :grin:
This morning I weighed in at 12.04.06, a loss of 0.6 pounds but I am happy as at least I have lost weight. I have kept to my fast days well and have eaten sensibly on the other days but not so strictly I feel 'deprived'! I feel as though I am finding a happy medium. I am starting to notice a difference in my body as my clothes are more comfortable and the flab around my waist is less noticeable although my waist is till 38" this week.

Yesterday I had time to read some old posts on the forum and especially enjoyed the ones by @simcoeluv. They really brought home to me how slow a progress this can be and when I looked back at my weight loss in 2013 using ADF I realised it had been pretty slow too, but, by the end of the year I had lost 2 1/2 stone. So I am coming to realise that I need to think of this as learning a new approach to eating and forget about it as a diet.

This week I have a meal out which clashes with a fast day so I will have to jiggle around a bit. I just hope I make my kilo for the Valentine Challenge. It is looking a bit touch and go!

Hi Silver Slimmer,
Just looked through all your posts, I'm really coming around to the idea that it's changing proportions we should all be taking as progress rather than weight alone. I had a normal BMI to start with (Jan 1st 2016) but my waist was exactly half my height so decided to restart 5:2 having lost 10lb when I last did it, which stayed off. I haven't lost a single ounce but 3" disappeared from my waist after 3 weeks, and I'm going to carry on for the possible health benefits (dementia, diabetes, cancer etc) rather than any other reason. It looks like you are doing extremely well, and you shouldn't be feeling disappointed - glad to see your last post looking more positive. I'm fasting today too, and not really feeling hungry at all, just have freezing hands, but the weather is so awful maybe I would have anyway. All the best to you.
Thanks, @JLmid,
I sometimes wonder why we are so obsessed with the scales as our weight is our secret and never tattooed on our forehead whereas our body is there for everyone to see! In health terms we should be concerned about our shape and where our fat is stored. Even slim people can have unhealthy amounts of internal fat I believe.

I often feel cold on fast days and I find that really hard but winter is nearly over and there are always gloves!

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