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They are pricey I agree. Someone on here does a rice substitute using cauliflower,but as I can't stand cauliflower I haven't tried it. I'm starting to get rumbly now :frown:
That's my problem with cauliflower, think I will pass on that option as well.
Your plan sounds good MrsBod. Pasta & basmati rice is fine to eat just work out the calories to keep within your calorie limit. Every so often I just need to eat pasta because it is such a comfort food.
I agree, I'm used to basically living on pasta or noodles, so do like to try and have some. The interesting thing was when I took what I thought was a reasonable portion of spaghetti for one person, and weighed it, and it was over 100g! A meal I thought was rather healthy was coming in at over 1000 caloried because the portions were so out of control.

An important lesson in weighing things!
Hi MrsBod. how many strawberries make 50 cals? as i am planning to have some on my next diet day :)
It was about 180g which worked out at 13 strawberries, though some were fairly large ones
Really pleased, yesterday's fast day actually came in at 415 calories, and my ramen bowl was lovely.

Today I started with some porridge, which I hate, but want to see how I get on. I am definitely feeling better and more confident this time round.

So today should be:-

Porridge - 180
soup - 90
Brown or wholemeal roll (depends what the shop has) - TBC
Chicken Satay (homemade) - not worked it out yet
Basmati rice (50g uncooked) - 200
Apple - 71
Milky bar - 69
Well done MrsBod your today plan sounds good.
Sounds like a good plan apart from eating the porridge you hate, is there something else that comes in at 180 cals that you enjoy?
I'm experimenting with breakfasts at the moment, I always used to grab a flapjack or pastry on my way to work, so tried one of the porridge pots, but don't think I fancy that again. Might try an ommlette...
I think I am getting this sensible choices thing...

Went to the local shop to get lunch, they didn;t have the tub of soup I had planned to get, and found myself thinking that I would just grab anything then, but searched about and found a noodle salad with prawns for just 140 calories. It was tasty and satisfying, much more so than a sandwich loaded with Mayo.
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