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Yes heard that on Sunday brunch when he was on, thanks for the link tho.
I get the creeps just thinking about it!
I think Dr Mosley should have been born years ago. He would have enjoyed experimenting on himself in the hope of discovering new medical breakthroughs wouldn't he! Very brave

Bean :shock:
Eeeeeeew I read that earlier. It's put me right off him lol!
oh no! It'll be leeches next! :shock:
callyanna wrote: oh no! It'll be leeches next! :shock:

He's already done the leeches :shock:
Yes,I should have read the article properly first time! :oops: At least he's willing to put his money where his mouth is!
Silverdarling wrote:
callyanna wrote: oh no! It'll be leeches next! :shock:

He's already done the leeches :shock:

Maybe he'd consider drinking a "pig whipworm shake" instead?

I attended a series of entertaining and informative mini-med seminars a few years back put on by a local immunologist. Apparently many of the west's medical ills (that are extremly rare in Africa, for example) can be effectively thwarted by tricking the body into aggressively countering a nematode attack. Something to do with T1:T2 balance, IIRC.

(Not to worry: A pig whip worm cannot survive in the human body. I rather doubt that it'd survive in an blender with ice cream and chocolate either.) ... rds-unite/
Sorry I think irresponsible comes to mind, some worms kill people

don't do this at home folks also springs to mind.
It made me feel sick when I read it, that's one programme I WON'T be watching!
Tapeworms have been used for weightloss for many many years, it don't think they actually work and I'm certainly not going to find out.
Well apparently MM gained about 1.5kg!
Yeah a 1.5 kg of worm ...charming thought ... Not blearck
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