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Here is a useful list of food portions that contain 50g of carbs...handy if you are trying to cut down on carbs.

Food Portions Providing 50 g of Carbohydrate

Wheat biscuit cereal (e.g. Weet Bix) 60g (5 biscuits)
'Light' breakfast cereal (e.g. Cornflakes) 60 g (2 cups)
'Muesli' flake breakfast cereal 65 g (1-1.5 cups)
Toasted muesli 90 g (1 cup)
Porridge - made with milk 350 g (1.3 cups)
Porridge - made with water 550 g (2.5 cups)
Rolled oats 90 g (1 cup)
Bread 100 g (4 slices white or 3 thick wholegrain)
Bread rolls 110 g (1 large or 2 medium)
Pita and lebanese bread 100 g (2 pita)
Chapati 150 g (2.5)
English muffin 120 g (2 full muffins)
Crumpet 2.5
Muesli bar 2.5
Rice cakes 6 thick or 10 thin
Crispbreads and dry biscuits 6 large or 15 small
Fruit filled biscuits 5
Plain sweet biscuits 8-10
Cream filled/chocolate biscuits 6
Cakestyle muffin 115 g (1 large or 2 medium)
Pancakes 150 g (2 medium)
Scones 125 g (3 medium)
Iced fruit bun 105 g (1.5)
Croissant 149 g (1.5 large or 2 medium)
Rice, boiled 180g (1 cup)
Pasta or noodles, boiled 200 g (1.3 cups)
Canned spaghetti 440 g (large can)
Fruit crumble 1 cup
Fruit packed in heavy syrup 280 g (1.3 cups)
Fruit stewed/canned in light syrup 520 g (2 cups)
Fresh fruit salad 500 g (2.5 cups)
Bananas 2 medium-large
Large fruit (mango, pear, grapefruit etc.) 2-3
Medium fruit (orange, apple etc.) 3-4
Small fruit (nectarine, apricot etc.) 12
Grapes 350 g (2 cups)
Melon 1,000 g (6 cups)
Strawberries 1,800 g (12 cups)
Sultanas and raisins 70 g (4 Tbsp)
Dried apricots 115 g (22 halves)
Potatoes 350 g (1 very large or 3 medium)
Sweet potato 350 g (2.5 cups)
Corn 300 g (1.2 cups creamed corn or 2 cobs)
Green Beans 1,800 g (14 cups)
Baked beans 440 g (1 large can)
Lentils 400 g (2 cups)
Soy beans and kidney beans 400 g (2 cups)
Tomato puree 1 litre (4 cups)
Pumpkin and peas 700 g (5 cups)
Milk 1 litre
Flavoured milk 560 ml
Custard 300 g (1.3 cup or half 600 g carton)
'Diet' yoghurt and natural yoghurt 800 g (4 individual tubs)
Flavoured non-fat yoghurt 350 g (2 individual tubs)
Ice cream 250 g (10 Tbsp)
Fromage frais 400 g (2 tubs)
Rice pudding/creamed rice 300 g (1.5 cups)
Sugar 50 g
Jam 3 Tbsp
Syrups 4 Tbsp
Honey 3 Tbsp
Chocolate 80 g
Mars Bar and other 50-60 g bars 1.5 bars
Jubes and jelly babies 60 g
Pizza 200 g (medium -1/4 thick or 1/3 thin)
Hamburgers 1.3 Big Macs
Lasagne 400 g serve
Fried rice 200 g (1.3 cups)
Fruit juice - unsweetened 600 ml
Fruit juice - sweetened 500 ml
Cordial 800 ml
Soft drinks and flavored mineral water 500 ml
Fruit smoothie 250-300 ml
Sports drink 700 ml
Carbohydrate loader supplement 250 ml
Liquid meal supplement 250-300 ml
Sports bar 1-1.5 bars
Sports gels 2 sachets
Glucose polymer powder 60 g

(Source: Peak Performance: training and nutritional strategies for sport J. Hawley and L. Burke. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1998).
Useful thanks. Quick question what is the UK equivalent of one cup?
This was taken from an Australian website so I think 1 cup = 250ml
A US cup = 225ml I think.
Luckily they give gram equivalents for most items in the list above.
Thanks for the list @carorees.

I think it's of especial value as it highlights how carbiferous seemingly innocuous / healthy foods, such as muesli, actually are. As a low-carber, I try to limit myself to 50 grams of carb for the whole day (admittedly, an extreme for many people) so just one item off this list would blow my allowance! My 'extremes' aside, methinks that the 'received wisdom' is gradually moving towards a recommendation of about 150 grams of carb a day. So, much food for thought here.

I'd add a little caution regarding the measures - wish they'd use grams rather than subjective things like 'large'. For example, the two *quite wee* / certainly *not large* mangos that I used in my salad a couple of weeks back amounted to 57 grams of carb (56c/C14.8/F0.4/P0.8/Fi1.6/100g - the edible bits of the two weighed 386g, so 216.16 calories, 57.13g carb, 1.54g fat, 3.09g protein and 6.18g fibre).
On the other hand you could have nearly 2kg of strawberries!! How much cream would you need to go with them I wonder??
Think I need to print out that list Caroline to alert me to the pitfalls. Thanks for sharing this info!
carorees wrote: On the other hand you could have nearly 2kg of strawberries!! How much cream would you need to go with them I wonder??

At about 464 calories / 100ml I wouldn't recommend too much double cream, but at 195 calories and 2.2 grams of carb / 100ml single cream quantities could be pretty high! Say, a quarter of a litre ? But only if you're a low carber :)
berries with single cream was a favorite of mine when I was low carbing.
Thanks so much Caro..v useful x
thanks for that Caroline!

very handy as I never really check :-(
Thanks for this Caroline! :smile: I didn't realise there were so many foods other than the usual bread, pasta, potatoes etc with high carbs. So by the time i've had toast/porridge/crumpets for breakfast, a sandwich, yogurt and fruit for lunch and potatoes/pasta/rice for dinner i've had a carb overload!! I need to sort this out! :shock:
Bumping this for anyone over in the Low Carbers Tent
who may be interested a great list maybe @carorees
can put it up on the noticeboard in that tent for us.♣
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