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High Cholesterol and Stroke...
18 Nov 2013, 06:21
On the weekend, I heard that a friend suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. I spoke to her on the phone in hospital and she related the stroke to high blood pressure and high cholesterol

With recent controversy in Australian media over Statins medication in relationship between cholesterol and heart disease, I wonder what people on the forum think of the association of Cholesterol and Stroke.

i found a link here ... troke.html


here ... and-stroke

btw,friend is in recovery. I know strokes come in all shapes and sizes but it seems to be a good prognosis for recovery from my friend.

When i hear of such things it really makes you think about ones own health seriously. And the health of family and friends
The link between blood pressure and stroke is, I think, well established. Studies looking at blood pressure and mortality risk find that while there is a lower limit for blood pressure with respect to affecting the risk of heart attack, there is no such lower limit with respect to stroke.

The cholesterol story is too complex to know how it affects risk. As you know, I suspect context is key and the background diet and inflammatory state of the person interacts with cholesterol levels.
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