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woke up boxing day with a very apt program so in tune with the next phase of my good health phase. ... 38/5169888

How to find the time to exercise? There's been a lot of interest lately, and a lot of research, into health and fitness through High Intensity Training. The research is suggesting that instead of spending hours and hours every week on an exercise bike or running machine, maybe you're better off going full pelt for just a few minutes.

I'd be interesed in your thoughts about this program as im using the next week to research a bit about exercise, fitness, toning etc, now that ive remove 5kg excess weight.


Hi Juliana,

here's a good summary of the benefits of HIIT, as posted by Caroline a few days ago the-5-2-lab-f10/great-review-of-the-benefits-of-hiit-t10270.html
It seems to me that the guy on radio national this morning is just jumping on the bandwagon and doesn't actually know much about it, when I listened to the section.

I'm going to be trying out some 8sec/12sec intervals when I get the music for it!
enjoy your boxing day!
Sorry, jools, link doesn't work.
I've added in 10 second HIT into my warm-up part of my routine. (10 minute warm up on a cycle, every 2 minutes I do a 10 second blast) It really does boost your heart rate and it keeps it up for a while afterwards too.Or that could just be my knackered body about to keel over. I do feel that the extra zap is doing me some good.
Breadandwine wrote: Sorry, jools, link doesn't work.

Fixed now :-)
I'm going to be doing it in my donga as the gym is crap, so have been putting together a program of HIT to do in a hamster cage! WIll let you know how it goes!
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