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I found this interesting article today:

Excerpt - "After analyzing the effect eating speed had on calorie consumption, feelings of hunger and fullness before and after fast-paced and slow-paced eating and the amount of water consumed during meals, researchers determined that normal-weight people were able to reduce caloric intake from meals consumed at a fast pace to meals consumed at a slow pace by 88 kcal. The overweight or obese group of participants was only able to reduce its caloric intake from fast-paced meals to slow-paced meals by 58 kcal."

Read more:
Thank you for that Andrea, we should practice mindful eating occasionally!
In my experience it does indeed help to eat small bites and slow on fast days. When you are doing three small meals a day (as I do) it also prevents you from finishing your meal way before your companions (who are not fasting), when eating together.
Interesting. It fits with the study showing that eating slower reduces the risk of diabetes:
Yes I'm guilty of eating to quickly or I was because I made a concerted effort to eat more slowly at my start of this WOL because as P-JK says I was also beginning to end my meal before my OH and also thought it would help digestion, and helped at my lunchtime crunching my way through a large portion of salads which did slow me down as each one cotained at least one stick of celery and my conclusions have been that this has helped with digestion and making me feel fuller sooner.
( people say a salad isn't filling but I certainly am full up) and obviously my hubby finishes way before me.
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