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Forthcoming paper..

Alternate day fasting and endurance exercise combine to reduce body weight and favorably alter plasma lipids in obese humans.

Bhutani S, Klempel MC, Kroeger CM, Trepanowski JF, Varady KA.

Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA.

"Body weight was reduced (P < 0.05) by 6 ± 4 kg, 3 ± 1 kg, and 1 ± 0 kg in the combination, ADF, and exercise group, respectively"
I look fwd to reading the full paper. Sounds like the subjects in the both group had an interesting 12 week journey well out of their comfort zone. I wonder what the endurance exercise consisted of?
I'll look forward to understanding that paper at some point. Just introducing significant exercise into my ADF routine.
skippyscuffleton wrote: I wonder what the endurance exercise consisted of?

Stationary bikes or elliptical machine, 3 days per week, supervised. Increased progressively at week 4, 7 and 10 by 5 min and 5% HRmax from 25 mins at 60 % up to 40 mins at 75% of HRmax.

Single meal (supplied) at lunchtime on fast days, usual Varady regime - <30g of protein, 60g carbs etc.
Endurance exercise? Ugh!
Nope, not doing that sort of very boring exercise.
I'm still psyching myself up to climb onto the cross-trainer which I can just see (out of the corner of my eye) in the room behind me as I loll around on the sofa :oops: Stage one was start the 5:2 lifestyle and I've been putting off Stage 2 which is exercise.........
Phil, have you got access to the full paper? How do you know the exercise details?
I was looking over someone's virtual shoulder at the pre-publication paper, yes.
Well that will teach me to read something on a fast day just before bed ( I seem to sleep like a log on fast days)

I decided to give the exercise a try but somehow remembered the 40 mins at 75% of HR max so that's what I did. Might try to keep going with it though was a challenge to keep going at that rate. I'm used to spinning but that's all intervals really
Yeah, wish they had looked at interval training not endurance!
Surprising really the whole buzz in the fitness world is interval training high intensity or otherwise.

I did try MM hiit training too, I was tempted to send him a message to say he needs to push harder if he can shout like that at the end! I couldn't speak let alone shout!
Results: Fat mass and waist circumference decreased (P < 0.001) while lean mass was retained in the combination group. LDL cholesterol decreased (12 ± 5%, P < 0.05) and HDL cholesterol increased (18 ± 9%, P < 0.05) in the combination group only.
Conclusions: These findings suggest that the combination produces superior changes in body weight, body composition, and lipid indicators of heart disease risk, when compared to individual treatments.

Combining ADF and endurance also preserved muscle mass during weight loss (better than just one or the other) and improved cholesterol profile. Annoying :lol: I hope that helps to steer me in the right direction when I try to sneak unobtrusively past the gym on my way out of the building,
V interesting. It does suggest that Brad Pilon is on to something - his Eat Stop Eat programme is intermittent fasting combined with exercise.
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