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Watch the original Horizon "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" episode here!

Eat, Fast and Live Longer on


Eat, Fast and Live Longer on
Thanks for posting this- I did watch it when it aired on tv but didn't take it on as a way forward for me. Now I am on week 2 and will weigh tomorrow- last week I was down 2 lb and hoping for any loss tomorrow to keep motivated to continue.
So far I have eaten the same each fast day- no breakfast, just a black coffee, homemade veg soup for lunch plus some natural yoghurt with 1 Tbs seeds then roasted veg topped with an egg and a mini extra light Philly for dinner. I have an apple if I am hungry on way home from work and am finding it ok so far, Sue
I still haven't watched it but its on my to do list! Also for all other NZrs it looks like the Sunday Program presenter is doing what Dr mosley did and doing a trial of the 5:2 :) can't wait to watch it, Sunday tv1 at 7pm
the horizon program will be aired in Australia on Monday 22 April on SBS at 8.30 p.m.
I watched this for the first time today. I had no idea how many benefits there were - although my APs (aged parents) had hinted at them. I began this WOE to lose weight but I'm thinking it is going to be much longer term than that.

They aren't very aged, by the way - early 60s :wink:
Moogie wrote: Watch the original Horzine "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" episode here!

Eat, Fast and Live Longer on


Eat, Fast and Live Longer on

Hi Moogie. Do you mean Horizon or Horzine?
WOW moogie,

You had a good holiday, returns in the guise of a new woman. :wink: You look great, I must have more holidays,

Ballerina x :heart:
I totally agree Ballerina - you look fantastic Moogie! :heart:
Wowie Moogie - you look stunning! Congrats!
Thanks! I missed the original program and the first I had heard of 5:2 was when I bought the cookery book hoping for some low calorie meal ideas. A chance conversation with my sister in law (whom I don't see for months at a time) a few day later who had bought the book and had begun the diet had me investigating and now i'm here and grateful to be able to see the program that seems to have set this all in motion. :grin:
Thank you so much for posting this, it really showed the health benefits to be had by this way of life. I don't think I would have started this if I hadn't seen it.
Just watched this, for the first time. The science seems to back up the claims. It will be interesting to keep up with all of the research!
Ty for posting it x
This just screened on Australian television again. My Facebook friends are talking about it. We might have a fresh influx of Australian members.
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