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Food for thought, anyway.

What I find interesting is that the article doesn't touch on the fact that some of us--we fasters!--can ignore hunger quite successfully! Yea for us!
Thank you, interesting article and a timely reminder after my biscuit-fuelled grandchildren day to get back to the sanity of a fast day, followed by a day or two of low carb/ high fat/medium protein good sense.
I know what you mean! I have found that I am hungrier the days I eat (for lack of a better word!) crappy food.

The best thing is, however, I no longer fear hunger.
Thanks for sharing this article. I have noticed that the people having the most weight loss & maintenance success on the forum are Lower carb & higher healthy fat. I have also noticed I feel awful anymore when I eat "crappy" food. The learning & discovery process on this forum keep my motivation going too. Soon, someone will realize the data that is accumulating here and come up with evidence of what we already know. It works!
It really depends on how whacked your blood sugar control is. People with truly normal blood sugar control can eat tons of carbs without experiencing that reactive hunger. But most of us who have struggled with food don't have normal blood sugar.

And some if us will still be hungry on low carb diets. They used to control my hunger very well--until they didn't. If my caloric intake drops low enough, I get hungry even in a ketogenic state, and to lose weight on a non fasting diet I have to eat at that very low calorie level. Which is why I am appreciating the way fasting is teaching me that it is okay to be hungry--and that it will pass.
@wildmissus bumped for you.
Thank you @carorees. Many of us have read similar stuff and should know better by now. As much as I love nuts and cheese it is so easy to forget to eat them in favour of biscuits and crisps :oops: . I'm going to go into my kitchen and put my bags of nuts beside the biscuits :smile: .
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