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I found this over on - a summary of the diabetes audit. Food for thought on cholesterol levels!

Figures from the National Diabetes Audit show that mortality rates are higher at the target guideline levels advised for people with diabetes by the NHS than at neighbouring higher cholesterol levels.

The data has particular implications for older people. Previous research, such as a study by Columbia University in 2005, has shown that people over 65 with the lowest cholesterol levels had twice the risk of mortality as over 65s with the highest levels.

The data from the National Diabetes Audit 2011-2012 shows the highest mortality rates at the lowest and highest cholesterol levels. The target total cholesterol level for people with diabetes is under 4 mmol/l and sits at a relatively low level.

The Audit shows that mortality rates are at their lowest between 4.0 and 6.0 mmol/l, with mortality rates are around 10% lower in this category than in the 3.0 to 4.0 mmol/l category. The Audit also shows that having very low cholesterol levels, below 3 mmol/l, is linked with even higher mortality than having high cholesterol levels above 6 mmol/l.

Whilst lower cholesterol levels earlier in life appear to have a protective effect, research indicates that the protective effect decreases the closer to old age people get. The data has significance as NICE is currently reviewing its draft recommendation on managing cholesterol (Lipid Modification), which would see a much greater number of people with diabetes offered statin treatment.
I believe also that women over 55 have a much higher rate of death by any means if their cholesterol is low i.e. below 4.0 mmol/l and therefore should not be given statins.....which is why I am staying clear of the medication.
I think this information came out of the recent study by Cambridge University, but I can't find the details now.
I had an asthma review today, which included the results of my blood test from last week, which was a bit of an anti climax as my asthma has disappeared. I am not sure whether to be worried about my cholesterol levels or not! My triglicerides were way down though!

Last year HDL was 8.9 and now it’s 9.3
Last year LDL was 5.2 and now it’s 6.5
Last year Trigl. was 4.36 and now it’s 1.63 (wow)
I asked what proportion of LDL were light fluffy ones and did the test show that, but the nurse didn’t have a clue what I was talking about!

I hope that all I have read recently about cholesterol not being responsible for heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis etc is true, because they are quite high readings. I am putting these results out there just in case someone can cheer me up a bit about it, because there's still that nagging thing in my head that I might be wrong and I ought to panic!!!!

Argggggggggggggg !
Auriga don't panic, I have naturally high cholesterol and don't care, at 66 with no other health issues even my G.P. Is not worried so neither am I. Can't remember what the breakdown was but I do remember that the total figure was 7!

Ballerina x :heart:
Unfortunately cholesterol is one of the most misunderstood topics in the fitness world today. I must admit I'm not that wise in this area myself, but I have gathered some information.

Cholesterol is vital for our body to stay healthy. Yet, like with so many other things - vitamins, minerals - you can have too much or too little and that can cause health issues in some cases. However what makes the topic complicated is the HDL and LDL particles, triglycerides and total numbers and ratios.

From what I gather, there isn't a specific set of numbers to aim for, and like with so many things, it all depends on how your body and your lifestyle as a whole is set up. As our body operates as a whole, no single health marker can be ripped out of context and blamed for a health issue in full - often it is the case of several things working together that causes or prevents issues.

Alas, humans, in our typical lack of patience and black and white perspective of the world, tend to want specific answers so that we can perfectly react. Is cholesterol good or bad? What numbers are good or bad? Such answers do not exist out of context. We just have to deal with the fact that we need to all learn to view the human body as a whole and to see how the different aspects relate to one another before are able to obtain such specific answers.

Maddening to be sure. :D
@Auriga so far, the measure that seems to have the best value for predicting your risk of heart disease and diabetes is the ratio of HDL to total cholesterol. A ratio below 3.5 is considered good. Yours is 1.7, which is amazingly good! Triglycerides being low is also good, so I would say you should be very happy with your results.
Oh gosh thank you for all the replies I am much relieved!
I am also much relieved after watching this too, it's worth a view:-
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