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regarding loose skin after weight loss: ... excessive/

Some teaser text from it:

"...if you are trying to achieve negative energy balance (lose weight) then you need LESS protein. Why? Because there is all sorts of protein loss associated with fat loss. There is less skin, connective tissue, capillaries, blood, dermis etc associated with weight loss – all of which needs to be catabolized (burned up and not replaced). Think about those bariatric surgery shows on TLC where surgeons remove 20-30 pounds of excess skin after weight loss. Yes, that’s all protein that should have been catabolized. As an aside, in my clinic where we do a lot of intermittent fasting, I have not yet sent a single patient to the plastic surgeon for removal of excess skin, even though weight loss sometime is over 100 pounds."

The idea of reducing protein intake so that the body recycles what it no longer needs to support the lost weight peaked the interest of a large number of commentors at the bottom. Try a browser search (Ctrl-f) for "skin" to quickly locate and review these.
Goodness me! Seems logical but where's the info for the older human who requires greater protein intake to counteract the lower digestive efficiency re protein uptake?
How very interesting!
Contrariwise, there is evidence that humans have an inbuilt protein intake monitor that aims to get around 15% of calories from protein and the theory is that a poor diet that is high in carbs but low in protein will drive hunger as the body tries to get more protein. In studies, increasing protein from 10% of calories to 15% and 30% lowered subjective hunger levels. There is some evidence from other animals that this protein-driven appetite is a real thing, with cats, for example needing much higher protein intake and eating until they hit their inbuilt target. But I doubt it has been examined in the situation of an overweight human trying to lose weight. Could be worth experimenting with...but if you are plagued by hunger on non-fast days and increasing fat does not solve it, maybe try increasing protein, but otherwise maybe keep protein intake at the lower end of the recommended intake (about 3 x palm-sized pieces of meat [or equivalent protein source] per day)?
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