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This study in which individuals overate for 8 weeks showed dramatic worsening of the risk of cardiovascular disease, with increases in weight (7kg!), body fat, visceral fat, inflammation, fasting blood glucose, insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk.

The subjects ate 1.4 times their daily energy requirements (with a diet composed of 41% carbohydrate, 44% fat, and 15% protein). So, for example, if your daily energy requirement is 2000 kcals, eating 2800 for 8 weeks is enough to cause significant damage to your body.
Excellent. A plague on their lab for mixing men and women though :-)

Interesting that their maintenance diet was 60% carbs, 25% fat and 15% protein whereas the fattening diet was 41 / 44 / 15 which is slightly less grams of carb per day, more protein and more fat. This change of diet composition is a confusing factor when looking at excess energy intake, surely ?

7.4 kg average weight gain over 8 weeks is 2 lbs/week or 7000 calories per week using the traditional 3500 cals per lb. That's 1000 cals per day which seems to fit with the 40% excess (2500 for men * 40%).

Hopefully there'll be more papers from the same study with the results of metabolic measurements etc.
What depressing research but enlightening. At least we are all trying to do something about our own situations with 5:2ing
Isis ;)
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