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Have you taken an extended break from fasting?

Poll ended at 31 Oct 2014, 19:56

Yes, for medical reasons
Yes, while away/on holiday
Yes, I gave up completely but started again
Yes, I have given up more than once but started again
I have stopped fasting completely
No, I've never missed more than an occasional fast
No, I've never taken a break
Total votes : 124

Only on holiday. But now maintaining on an average of one fast a week, and 16:8 every day, and a second fast if I feel I need it.
The only time I don't fast is on holiday (though I might miss a few meals, if I don't feel like eating or have over-indulged). But I'm always straight back on it as soon as I get back So I selected 'No, apart from occasionally missing a fast'.
I voted that I've stopped completely, because I have. I didn't necessarily want to, but I hit target weight August 2013 & over 1 year later I'm still there.
Occasionally I pop slightly over but a quick 16:8 and I'm straight back on track.

Part of me would still like to fast, I enjoyed that feeling of control, but the reality is that fasting would take me below where I know I should be, so that's no longer control. Control is knowing what is right, and what is right for me is sensible eating (that 5:2 has taught me) and the occasional 16:8 when I've had a blow-out :) :)
I don't fast while on holidays but seem to eat smaller meals or miss the occasional meal.I even managed to avoid putting on weight over our 6 week tours of Canada and the USA.We caravan at home in Australia and I find that even though I have more wine and nibbles I make up for it by taking more walks.On the whole I seem to have plateaued at around 79 kilos but as I feel comfortable at that weight I will continue my 2 days fasting a week and see what happens. :cool:
Selected 'other' as I have longer spells without fasting in order not to get below my lowest maintenance range :smile:
I stopped as I realised I'd been triggering a food intolerance twice a week on fast days! This had resulted in successful weight loss, but probably wasn't very good for me. I've put almost all the weight back in the intervening 18 months so I began again last week. Unfortunately this means the tracker on tHis site records me as having lost 3.5lbs in 18 months and says I'm on track to reach my target weight in October 2035. Is there a way to re-start the tracker?
I put very rarely missed a fast. This is because snce starting IF I have very rarely had three meals in one day. So without breakfast I usaully have a later eating window .
When I had my surgery in December last year I swithced to 16.8 missing breakfast even though I was convalescing. And it worked well for me. If I'm away in a hotel I will eat breakfast but skip lunch.
Yep, I'm back fasting properly 2 days a week after stopping last November. I was pretty much at target weight, went back to work and for the first time found it difficult to eat and was losing a bit much!! I haven't gained much weight - I rarely weigh - but feel so much more energised when I am fasting. I kept on doing 16:8 almost automatically as I now don't think about food as I did and only eat when I am hungry - this has stayed with me. I've changed jobs aswell - as the kitchen manager for a nursery, testing for texture and deliciousness is required! The 5:2 way of eating suits me really well. :grin:
Just preveiwed this post and it came up with my Christmas Club info for last year!! One year on, back to fasting but no weight loss to aim for - love it :grin:
There wasn't a space to explain 'other'. At the moment I'm not fasting for about ten days because I'm too busy. We've had house extensions built and are moving into the new part, which means packing and rushing out to shops for 'stuff' - as well as trying to keep my job of writing novels ticking along. I don't think I've ever been as busy in my life and fasting, ironically, takes careful preparation, both of food and of time - also takes a lot of focus. Well, it does for me anyway. I'm not eating like crazy, or 'bad' foods, because I have too many allergies to buy most fast foods, but I am eating for speed and convenience. Hopefully, this busy period should ease off in a few days.
I'm another holiday non-faster. The first time I was on holiday after starting IF, I managed to squeeze in a couple of fasts. I think it was important at that time not to get off track. Plus I was at my mother's house, so I still had control over what I was eating. A lot of times when I'm away, I'm at conferences where food is provided and there isn't much opportunity to get away to search for alternatives. Other times, I'm visiting a place with great food and I don't want to miss out. So, since reaching goal, I've been more relaxed about fasting when away from home. Though, I have to confess, it's always where the trouble starts!
In case you're interested, a study from the National Weight Control Registry: ... d_RVDocSum
Took a six month break, didn't want to I just slipped, I regret it now.
I suspect I was too intense, logging everything I ate every day, weighing daily, exercise logged etc. Takes up a lot of time.
Now I do Monday and Wednesday as fast days, only log calories to make sure I don't exceed the 500 on those days only otherwise no calorie counting.... easy.
I put on Holidays but the most has only been 2 weeks so 4 fasts.
I stopped last year when my OH had an accident. That together with our youngest being re-integrated into school life was just too much for me. I am a stress eater and found that trying to fast while dealing with so much physical and emotional stress was too much for me. Yes I did put all the weight I lost back on but I managed to keep my sanity. OH then had another big health scare in late spring early summer so I kept pushing my restarting fasting back and back. Finally started again in August and have not regretted it at all. It was quite easy to fit fasting into my life again. Happy so far so good.

I still love all that originally made fasting attractive for me. It's the only weight loosing plan that I have ever managed to start up again after dropping out. I still have a long way to go but will get there eventually. Though for me personally stress and fasting does not work.
I chose 'other' because I only take a break from fasting when I'm on holiday. All those different food opportunities are too good to pass up
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