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Have you taken an extended break from fasting?

Poll ended at 31 Oct 2014, 19:56

Yes, for medical reasons
Yes, while away/on holiday
Yes, I gave up completely but started again
Yes, I have given up more than once but started again
I have stopped fasting completely
No, I've never missed more than an occasional fast
No, I've never taken a break
Total votes : 124

In a bid to learn a bit more about our community's fasting habits, motivations and other interesting foodie/fasting stuff we're going to be running a poll each week and would appreciate it if you could take a moment to cast your vote on the matter!

For our seventh poll, we are asking:

Have you taken an extended break from fasting?

Feel free to reply to explain your answer further, especially if how you found it isn't listed!

Over to you!
I said ' other'.
As a teacher I am lucky to havec11 weeks holiday a year. In that time I aim to maintain my weight rather than lose weight so I modify my fasts.I fast till dinner twice a week then eat normally.
I've put other too, coz i've never given up completely but i'd say i have missed more than an occasional fast..this year anyway,tho not last year when i was pretty much " good" the whole time x
I did take 2 weeks off 5:2, when we went on holiday, but I have not taken a day off from Fast-5; been away from home 4 times this year
I chose 'other'.
I stopped fasting after nearly a year on maintenance, big mistake as I slowly started putting on weight again. Luckily I only put on half a stone but I'm finding it very difficult to fast regularly, it was so easy the first time round.
I chose other. I started maintaining in November, 2013, by fasting once every week or two--whenever I thought I needed it. In March I started a three-month period when I somehow maintained without any fasting. Since then I've been back to once or twice a week.

The beginning of that 3-month period coincided with the prep for a colonoscopy--must have been just coincidence, I suppose.

It's a little harder to be "good" during a fast since resuming a few months ago--I'm much more tempted to sneak in extra calories than I was before. Like many others, I find it all a little harder after being away for a while.
I selected yes while on holiday, but never really missed more than 3. Now I am maintaining I only fast as and when necessary.
I selected not taken a break. I have had intentions to let it go while on holiday or doing mental work schedules, but find that I modify. If I decide not to have a fast day on one of the usual ones, I usually end up 'catching up' the next day, or doing a window. Similarly, I have gone all day not eating and then had more than 500 cals at night.
Love the flexibility.
So far only an occasional fast. :)
Yep, I pretty much gave up for a while. This time last year I hit my target, so went on to 6:1, which slipped into only occasional fasts and I stopped using MFP, so calories on my 'normal' days increased (especially during the summer weeks when we had many visitors). I'm now trying to get back into it, helped by my OH joining in. @CandiceMarie helped by giving me a shout (on the 'Who's Missing' thread) on 30th Sept and I realised that joining in here - especially with the 'Fasting Today' thread, really helps my resolve.
I take a break when on holiday - but my holidays to date have not been more than 10 days, so I don't miss much. I'm likely to do a 4:3 week beforehand, to minimise any potential weight gain - and I get straight back to it when I'm home again and get back into my usual routine. I think it helps that hubby and I do it together. I have found that things I have looked forward to eating on holiday, can actually be disappointing, like rich desserts; they just taste too sweet and sickly to me now. So I don't really have any issue with overeating, but I miss my fast days and would definitely include one or two if I was on a longer holiday.
When not on holiday I am on the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet Facebook group everyday, so there is no way I could forget about it!
I'm one of the not-fasting-on-holiday people - I find it very difficult to control my intake to the degree that I do at home when staying somewhere half or full board, as I've just done, or even self catering without scales, large freezer etc that I use at home. I try to eat normally (staying within TDEE) but judging by the scales this morning I haven't judged that very well.
I picked other as by last Christmas I was where I wanted to be weight wise but wanted to focus on toning & strength. I joined the gym in the new year and found that I didn't want to fast while I got used to my exercise routine as I was tired enough. I got a bigger appetite and put weight back on, partly muscle gain but also extra food! So it was more of a conscious choice to stop rather than 'giving up'. But now I'm back into it to try & shave off the extra jiggly bits I acquired, and am finding it easier to incorporate the fasting and exercise together, now that I have got used to both individually.
And I have never tasted on holiday! Most of our hols are quite active anyway and enjoying good food is part of my holiday. Fasting can wait til we get back :wink:
*tasted while on hol? How about I have never FASTED while on hol. I taste many things! Darn auto correct...
I just know instinctively that if I stop, for whatever reason, I will lose the plot and gain the weight so I keep going. As I live around an eating window I find it quite flexible anyway to maintain a daily fast but during a recent stressful time with hubs health I became aware that I really could not take my eye off the ball or it would all go to pot. I did gain a few pounds but never outside my tolerance range but it definitely hit the ceiling. Back down again, stress is reduced and no longer struggling albeit not massively.

Ballerina x :heart:
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