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Have you taken an extended break from fasting?

Poll ended at 31 Oct 2014, 19:56

Yes, for medical reasons
Yes, while away/on holiday
Yes, I gave up completely but started again
Yes, I have given up more than once but started again
I have stopped fasting completely
No, I've never missed more than an occasional fast
No, I've never taken a break
Total votes : 124

So far, all my vacations this year have been less than a week long, and I have done an extra fast or two the week before, except once, so I have only missed one fast since Feb. That said, after these short vacations, even without missing fasts, my weight has definitely gone up and it has taken a few weeks to pick up the downward trend again.
I said I haven't stopped. I hardly ever go away on holidays and when I did, I managed to keep going, pretty much, two days a week. I know I would put back on all the weight I've lost if I stopped fasting.
I am a strange bird, I fast even on holidays. Even Christms eve and New Year's eve were fast days. To be honest, Holidays are not a big thing for me, so it was not a problem at all.

Now my fast days are more around 700 calories but they are still here, twice a week, or more if I feel like it, and I only missed a few since June 2013. In fact, I need them as they are part of my routine and I love my routine :wink:
I put I've stopped fasting completely, which isn't strictly true as I've done the odd fast day but find it very difficult. My weight has stayed moreorless stable at 58kgs - 59kgs and because I run around 50kms a week, walk around 30kms a week and don't have a sedentary full time office type job I am active enough to burn off what I eat. I've done the odd fast but 5:2 has taught me how to know when I'm hungry and when I'm not and to eat accordingly. If I have a big lunch I eat very little or nothing for dinner, for example. I don't eat for the sake of eating - and I don't want to put of weight as it will negatively affect my running speed!
I have put never missed more that the occasional fast although I elect not to fast on holiday. This year that has meant no more that 3 consecutive fast missed - it may have been 4 on one occasion last year. I would not call these extended breaks as they are planned. That said I always 'pay' for them on my tracker!
Look at my chart to see when I went off fasting :-) and when I got back in the groove.
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