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Maintaining August 2016
01 Aug 2016, 15:18
I've not weighed myself recently, so I'm not sure how bad its gotten, but I've really gone off the rails recently. I've had a busy, stressful summer and just wasn't sticking to my plan to get back to exercising regularly and get my weight back in my maintenance window. So here's to August! I'm hoping my life is a bit calmer so I can actually succeed this time...
Re: Maintaining August 2016
01 Aug 2016, 16:54
Hi @MaryAnn, thanks for opening the topic, hope you will do fine and get things really back on track (and more important, hoping for a relaxed month).
Doing fine, celebrating holiday currently :cool: :island:
Re: Maintaining August 2016
14 Aug 2016, 16:44
Hi, fellow maintainers! My weight this morning was 2.6 pounds over my target - not much to cheer about you may think except last Sunday it was 8.4 pounds over target! This was following visitors who were here for two weeks and gave me the perfect opportunity to over-indulge in all sorts of high-calorie, carb-heavy foods with no fast days to counterbalance them! I also have had a very swollen left knee for three weeks, which means that I have been unable to do much by way of exercise (no complaint from me there then!), just about managing to get around enough to do everyday things like shopping and housework.
I am not complaining at a 5.8 pound loss in one week, especially as we had friends over for the day yesterday and much food and drink was consumed. I just know that now I have to get back to fasting and get back to slightly below my target in order to have a little wiggle room.
I hope that everyone else is continuing to maintain. I haven't been on the forum much recently but look forward to catching up on everyone's progress this month. Looking forward to hearing from you all! Valerie
Re: Maintaining August 2016
14 Aug 2016, 19:58
Hello everyone. I seem to be maintaining at around 126lbs which is just slightly heavier than I would like but it is an achievable weight without too much hard work. When I get back to school in September though I am going to fast at least once a week if not twice because I miss the clean and light feeling I got from it. Hoping that if I drop a few pounds it will help my running a little.
Re: Maintaining August 2016
15 Aug 2016, 09:13
Great! A maintaining in August thread!!! I was looking out for that.
I explained elsewhere that I had a pause from the Forum, because my compute packed up :curse:
I have been a bit struggling with my weight ....
People told me on this forum that for my exalted age I ought to be a bit heavier that my goal in my twenties.
Yea, but that is so vague. This Spring and Summer I have discovered how easy it is to put on weight no matter how I try to limit my calories.
So now I am window fasting again. About 21/3. This is my 5th day on it, and I've lost about 1,5 kg.
I didn't get to be very heavy, but what was worrying was the upward trend.
I think BMI -wise I might be in the upper regions of 22. My clothes seem a bit looser already.
I am planning to do this every day for the rest of August and then see what I weigh.
Am I to maintain with daily window fasting, I wonder.... :shock:
:clover: Hope you other maintainers have it all sorted out by now! :smile:
Re: Maintaining August 2016
17 Aug 2016, 09:27
I'm 2 lbs up at the moment with not much chance to do much about it for the next week or so :frown:
Re: Maintaining August 2016
17 Aug 2016, 16:56
I finally weighed myself. I'm 3kg above my maintenance window :-( I hate to think where I started, because I have definitely lost some judging by the way clothes fit. I'm not sure i'll be back in my window by the end of August, but I do feel I am fairly well back on track.

I did try to make a lot of changes at once, not always the best idea. One was to have an alcohol free month, save a few big events. I haven't stuck to that (no A/C or TV at home, it's hot, the Olympics, all have meant going to bars more than normal), but I've been drinking very much less than I was: none on fast days, only one glass when I've cheated, and never more than 2 glasses a week. I have realized that even when the month is up, I need to keep fast days alcohol free. Then I usually have at least 3 alcohol free days a week. Also, I've proven to myself that I can stop at one, which is also important for me.

Exercise hasn't fared quite as well. I was doing great while the gym was open. It has re-opened now, but I'm not sure if I'll get a membership there or one closer to my new apartment (touch wood). I got out on my bike once, and hopefully will be doing a lot more cycling, including commuting by bike once I move (again, touch wood).

My fast days have been a lot better, though probably closer to 600 than 500. I'm not so worried about that. My non-fast days have definitely been better. In general I have only been having a soft-boiled egg for breakfast, so I don't eat much until lunchtime, even on non-fast days. That's always a good way for me to cut out a lot of unnecessary calories. I think if I stick with this, even if I'm not back in my maintenance window by the end of August, I'll at least be closer.
Re: Maintaining August 2016
18 Aug 2016, 09:32
I haven't written for a couple of days, so I thought I'll write here. There was no "Fasting today"; not even for a Thursday :confused:
So I am glad I can participate some-wheres. My weight loss has slowed down. But that always happens on this regime. So I am not worried. I am now 2 kg lighter than I was. So that is good. Some of my clothes fit me better, too. I am still finding this incredibly easy - and I am feeling so good on this. :lol: I wonder still whether I ought to keep this up longer. Well, we'll see what the weight is at the end of August, eh?
The weather here is too Autumn-like for August. But I do like all the seasons we have here. :smile:
Re: Maintaining August 2016
21 Aug 2016, 09:34
Now my weight has been exactly the same for several days in a row. But I keep up with my window fasting, because I know that sooner or later the scales will move downwards again. I am still finding this very easy :smile: . So I just keep going as I have done.
Yea, I have read the stuff here on how the scales do not always tell the whole truth. Yesterday I could not connect to this site at all. But glad to be here today! :clover:
Re: Maintaining August 2016
22 Aug 2016, 12:21
Update on weight and HRT.
I had a review with the doc and we agreed to change my prescription for patches and a different type of progesterone because I read that weight gain is mainly due to the progesterone component. Early days but my weight does seem to be coming down a bit. So, currently *only* 2 kg above where I'd like to be and 1cm more on the waist.
I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week, so it might go into reverse again, at least for a while!
However, in the grand scheme of things, I'm still 38.5kgs less than 4 years ago :-D
Re: Maintaining August 2016
03 Sep 2016, 10:20
Maintenance Month 026

Goal weight 120 lbs, maintenance range 118 - 122 lbs, method 19/5 every day.

Entry weight 125 lbs, exit weight 127 lbs, average 126.97 lbs
Lowest 125 lbs (1 day), highest 129 lbs (1 day)
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