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Maintaining January 2016
31 Dec 2015, 22:22
First day of the first month of the year, following a month of eating, I am happy to report that I am maintaining. I'm at the top of my allowable range but that's okay given the time of the year, visitors all of December, holidays, etc. My only new year's resolution is to maintain my weight and body shape and be happy with it.
Re: Maintaining January 2016
31 Dec 2015, 22:56
That's for tomorrow here!
Re: Maintaining January 2016
01 Jan 2016, 15:07
Hope to be well below my upper maintenance limit of 125 lbs by the end of January - daren't get on the scales after a lovely dinner last night and brunch today celebrating New Year as I was slightly over the limit a day or so before then!
Re: Maintaining January 2016
01 Jan 2016, 16:58
I start the year with 4 lbs to shift, 2 to get back in range. Good to everyone who needs to shrink in January.
Re: Maintaining January 2016
01 Jan 2016, 18:14
77.7kgs to start the new year.
Long long way down to go.
Happy fasting to us all :like: :clover: :heart:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
01 Jan 2016, 18:55
3lbs to shift here , probably won't attempt to try before Monday.
Re: Maintaining January 2016
03 Jan 2016, 16:04
@Wmr309 thanks for leading us out :smile:
Two pounds up on pre-Xmas weight though I did have two very light days last week which I'm sure helped. Back to the Mon/Thurs routine and I see the soberista tent is up for January, so I'm throwing myself into that for good measure. :wink:
Looking forward to a good cleanse. :wink:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
04 Jan 2016, 04:12
Great to hear your doing so well,I need to hear this because I am having another try at this
Re: Maintaining January 2016
06 Jan 2016, 07:09
Needed a fast to stay within my maintenance range after festivities season, but it still works :smile:
All the best to all of you fellow mainteneers for 2016: 'may the fast be with you'
Re: Maintaining January 2016
06 Jan 2016, 15:30
I came back from my "holiday" a little over my range, but have somehow managed to put on almost a kg since! I know I can fix this, though. I'm sticking with 4:3, not so strict fasting on the fast days (usually probably about 700 cals). I need to get back to the modified 16:8 (modified in that I have a soft boiled egg for breakfast every day) I was doing. Pointless breakfast calories have been creeping in again. I live in NY now. Bagels are hard to resist!
Re: Maintaining January 2016
08 Jan 2016, 20:37
I spoke too soon. This week I have been persistently 1+kg above my limit. Parents are staying for another week so I won't fast until they've gone home. Then it might be a year until I see them so have to guard against usual over/comfort eating to make me feel better.
Re: Maintaining January 2016
11 Jan 2016, 15:25
I don't think that 'maintaining' is quite what I have been doing in January! :oops: Yesterday I weighed in at 149 pounds, nine pounds over my revised target of 140 pounds. I have eaten ridiculous amounts of all sorts of calorie-laden food over Christmas, New Year - and since then - so I have nobody to blame except myself!
However, I am back on it since yesterday's fast and was already down to 145.8 pounds this morning. Water-weight, I know, but still encouraging! :grin:
:star: Well done to those of you who don't need to take remedial action :star: and commiserations to those of us who, like me, do! :cry: All we have to do is just keep on keeping on! Onwards and downwards!
Re: Maintaining January 2016
13 Jan 2016, 14:11
One of my Christmas lbs seems to have gone, 2 more to go!
Re: Maintaining January 2016
13 Jan 2016, 16:38
I'm wondering how much of a range mainteneers allow themselves? Naturally there will be some weight change, but at what point does it become see-sawing? I'm not criticising anyone at all, just curious.
I've shifted a couple of pounds, but my jeans still feel too tight, so I don't think that it's come off my tummy!
Re: Maintaining January 2016
13 Jan 2016, 17:19
I can live with going a couple of pounds over my preferred weight- well the one that seems fairly stable, more than that and I make a real effort to shed- though I cut back and use an eating window as nowadays fasting plays havoc with my sleep.
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