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Re: Maintaining January 2016
13 Jan 2016, 17:34
Golarne wrote: I'm wondering how much of a range mainteneers allow themselves?

Hi @Golarne, for me it's 2 kg, as weight fluctuates substantially. Important to stay relaxed about it, so some room is needed, but also something like a real threshold above which real action is needed :smile:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
13 Jan 2016, 20:58
@golarne 123 to 128lbs for me. I aim to be as consistent as I can. I don't suddenly change the food and amount I eat at party/holiday times. I hope that helps. :smile:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
14 Jan 2016, 16:19
HI, @Golarne. In theory I return to fasting if I go two pounds over my target but a recently revised (downwards) target of 140 pounds, a two-week cruise (just before Christmas) and then Christmas and New Year and family coming to stay have paid havoc with that idea! I tend not to think of it my weight gains as see-sawing, just something that happens three or four times a year because I have no self control! :grin:
It's not an ideal situation but, for me, the weight comes off relatively quickly as long as I deal with it swiftly and I have learned to live with it. The irony is that, if I had kept my old target of 147 pounds, I would have started the New Year only 2 pounds over - at 149 pounds- and would have been congratulating myself! :lol:
Never mind. At least for the last two years I have started each new Year lighter than the previous one, something which would have been unheard of pre 5:2! :victory:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
14 Jan 2016, 17:35
Thanks everyone. :like:
I found the initial losing weight very easy, but subsequent maintaining more tricky. I think that might partly be that my target weight was in fact a bit too low. I like the feeling that through this WoE (and info from this forum) I have the tools to deal with a bit of extra weight, especially when my OH is in the same frame of mind. It's harder when with family, whether my elderly parents or eighteen month grandaughter!
My new alarm button is 2kg over goal, but I'm trying to up the exercise, do at least one proper fast day a week and be a bit more mindful. Good luck fellow maintaineers :clover:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
15 Jan 2016, 21:10
Golarne wrote: I'm wondering how much of a range mainteneers allow themselves? Naturally there will be some weight change, but at what point does it become see-sawing?

Mine is 66.5-68.5kg. I've gone down to 66.x some times but that requires two fasts per week which I don't want to do. To maintain at 67.5kg seems not to take too much effort (mindful eating, the odd fast or skipping lunch) but certain times of the mont it goes above 68. During early Jan I went above my range for the first time in ages but that was due to six weeks of visitors. Setting this range has helped me to manage it well.
Re: Maintaining January 2016
19 Jan 2016, 14:35
As some of you may recall, I've been limping around with Plantar fasciitis since mid-November. Quite without logic, I decided that I should take a break from fasting while stuck at home, because it's so hard to fast while being around the house. Combine that with little exercise (I usually participate in 2 Strength and 1 Zumba Gold class a week, plus 2 or 3 aerobic DVD's.) and the result was a gain of 4-5 pounds and some trousers in the closet too tight to wear :oops:
So this past week my high was 140 lbs.--five pounds above goal. I fasted last Thursday and again yesterday. I can hardly believe that this morning's weight is 136 :grin: Perhaps not as realistic as tomorrow's weight will be, but I feel as if I'm back on track, especially as the foot problem is finally much less painful, so I'll be able to get out more and resume normal activities.

Note to newbies: There will be ups and downs, but don't get discouraged--improvement is possible :smile:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
19 Jan 2016, 16:46
My original goal weight was 125 lbs as I wanted to lose 14 lbs and psychologically 8st 13lbs felt better than 9st. The weight went quickly and kept going down to 115 lbs which I maintained for 5 months but looking at photos I didn't look very good (scrawny is quite a good description) and I was eating lots of salads. Now eating a healthy winter diet I intend to keep to a maintenance range 120 - 125 lbs.
Re: Maintaining January 2016
22 Jan 2016, 13:53
I'm happy to report that this morning I achieved my goal of 135 lbs. It took a week and a half (3 fast days) to get back down from 140 :victory: :victory: Also my waist stayed at 29 inches.

So grateful to all the encouraging folks on this forum :heart: :heart: May we all have such good luck :clover: :clover:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
24 Jan 2016, 10:58
Well done, @Marybeth! You certainly nipped that weight gain in the bud! :star: :star: :star:
I weighed in this morning at 142.9 pounds which is six pounds off my heaviest post-cruise/Christmas/New Year weight of 149 pounds, two weeks ago. :pig2: :pig2: I still have 2.9 pounds to go before I reach my revised goal of 140 pounds but I feel that it is now within reach. Fingers crossed! :clover:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
24 Jan 2016, 15:22
Does 78.4kgs sound like maintaining?

No, I didn't think so :0(

I am torpid with mid winter darkness, hips that get too painful to walk beyond 2 miles, without mental strength to do more than read a book.
16:8ing, trying to hold to 1500 calories with LCHF, hanging in there ...
Better times surely round the corner :0)
Re: Maintaining January 2016
24 Jan 2016, 15:27
Thanks @StowgateResident, and congratulations on your good progress! Unfortunately, I'm up 2 pounds today, but plan to fast later in the week.

I'm sorry @Azureblue that you're having such a hard time right now--yes, "can Spring be far behind?"
Re: Maintaining January 2016
26 Jan 2016, 09:20
A good Monday fast yesterday (650 calories taken) brought me down to 77.4kgs today - hurrah!
Grandchildren today and tomorrow so hoping to do another fast on Thursday when life is a bit quieter :0)
:grin: :bugeyes: :cool:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
26 Jan 2016, 16:38
I had a good fast yesterday , 515 calories, and today have ended up nearly a pound more than the last time I reported in - two days ago! It's a good job that I no longer worry about day to day weights! As long as the overall trend is downwards, then I'm fine with that. :victory: Who knows what tomorrow will bring! :?:
Re: Maintaining January 2016
27 Jan 2016, 10:56
Hi Everyone
Sorry I haven't been around much for ages...super, super busy with Ways of Eating!
I'm still managing to maintain just below my upper limit although about 2lb higher than I had hoped to maintain (so no "wiggle room" left). Still, my waist measurement has barely changed so I'm cool about it (at the moment anyway). If I can get through this year and still be under my chosen upper limit I will be very pleased and relieved!
Re: Maintaining January 2016
30 Jan 2016, 17:12
I've been up and down this week with the low being 135.5 for three days, high of 138 Monday and today up to 137 (goal of 135). I only fasted once (on Monday), so I have a little work to do next week. I love this woe--that I know what to do to keep things under control :smile:
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