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Welcome to the forums Muthgoose!
Question - to the people drinking stock cubes, do you just literally put a stock cube in boiling water? To what ratio?

I tried some bovril and I thought it was foul - like drinking vegemite dissolved in water!
I use half a cube in a big cup (around 300 ml) of water. I add a little hot pepper and onion powder and it's ready!
The ones I use are apparently low fat and low salt compared to Knorr and Oxo, so I don't know if it makes any difference in the quantity if one uses Oxo or Knorr...
I'd rather not have to nibble anything on a fast day but, more often than not, by lunchtime I start wandering towards the choccie cupboard. So, instead, I slice a large tomato, very thinly slice half an onion and then dribble balsamic vinegar over it. Finally, I grind a little black pepper on it. Something like a 'micro' salad. By the time i've put this together, i've forgotten about the chocolate.
Can't wait for when the weather will be salad weather. I'm planning to have salads for both lunch and dinner on fast days. Cucumber, tomato, onion, balsamic, basil and a spoonful (or two) low fat cottage cheese!
Nuts are my favourite desperation nibble on a fast day. I don't normally snack but if I have a meeting I have a small amount of nuts to keep the rumbles at bay. :smile:
Ive been doing raw corn kernels. Just an inch or so stripped off the kernel. I never used to like it raw but its so easy this way I grew to like it particularly if young and fresh. I believe it only about 35 calories in 3 inches of a corn cob.

I might grow corn next summer now. Nothing like corn just picked.
I know this is an old trhead but just have to add my current obession with frozen berries and low fat greek yogurt. If I have 80g (25 cals) rasps or bluberries and 100g dollop of fat free greek yogurt (about 60cals) it takes ages to eat and is reasonably filling for less than 100 cals. I also put the merest drizzle of vanilla extract (er cals no idea - only a couple for less than half a tsp surely!?) and a 2 calorie tsp of the pure via stevia sweetener I bought on offer and was lurking unused in my cupboard. Prefer natural unprocessed sugars but needs must on a fast day and makes it much more like an ice creamy pudding.

Frozen bananas whizzed in a food processor also make gorgeous ice cream but given the peanut butter/almond butter/cocoa/jam etc etc I add in, it's hardly fast day food!
I love a mini-milk lolly after my evening meal on a fast day. 30 calories, but feels like a treat! I avoid snacking as such, but one of these lollies finishes off my fast day eating perfectly.
lol right enough :wink:
No nibbles on fast days in our household but we do enjoy beverages. I like to simmer a thin slice of ginger root along with a piece of cinnamon stick. Add a lemon slice to the cup when drinking. Very soothing and perhaps some nutritional benefits too. I've read that ginger warms the hands and feet but can't attest to that.
Hurrah for the rice cakes!

Sorry guys, GI is so passe :smile: (according to the scientists), one needs to look at the glycemic load (GL) to get a real picture of what a food does to one's insulin / glucose levels stuff...

This explains it simply ... -load.aspx

International Tables of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Values: 2008 (the latest) here: ... /suppl/DC1
select the first table listed, sorry I can't find a direct link

The list makes for strange reading, how about "Greek lentil stew with a bread roll, home made (Australia)" for being a useful thing to measure?!

So nah-nah-nah :wink: 'cos rice cakes ain't *that* bad after all (okay, they're medium).

Happy FatDog.
:heart: :smile: Framar I am sipping your tea right now eg cinnamon stick knob ginger and lemon slices. I have to say it is beautiful and will be a must turn to on my fluid fast days. So full of flavour which is what you crave when not eating
Forever grateful :smile:
Still only new to 5:2 but I'm finding a cup of chicken noodle soup (continental brand) for 45 calories is quite satisfying!
Gillymary So glad that you enjoyed and that this helps you with your fast. I also drink this on non fast days particularly in the evening when it is good to have a non caffeine option. Thank you for your post! :smile:
I find Pepsi Max to be a saviour... sipping this just helps to knock the edge off my hunger. I also enjoy sparkling water as again that curbs the hunger... must be the bubbles. Pickled Gherkins have to be the best food item I have found to snack on.
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