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I've been eating pickles a lot lately. I think it's the salt.
I also keep a bag of plain popcorn for emergencies on all days, but on fast days I prepare a coleslaw (grated cabbage and carrot mixed with low fat mayo) and work out the calories for the whole dish and then snack on that if I can't wait until the main meal.
Sugar snap peas - sweet, crunchy, low cal, winner! But they are quite expensive, so I don't buy them often.
I can't do nibbles on a fast day because any food just sets me off eating, so I stick to just my main meal in the evening.
StowgateResident wrote: I can't do nibbles on a fast day because any food just sets me off eating, so I stick to just my main meal in the evening.

Know what you mean @StowgateResident it's a bit like AA that says dont drink alcohol at all if you want to control your drinking. So to control our eating sometimes its actually easier just to say.. nup not eating till the evening. I found it easier 2 years ago when i deemed Sunday a non eating day (till evening meal) . I was so good back then. i might try that again you know with the big Christmas Challenge back on in a few days. I did it once. I can do it again. Its fast day and ive already consumed 1 banana, 1 small bowl of my Noahs pudding (grain-rice thing i make) and some walnuts. bad girl
The only calories I routinely consume outside mealtimes (I eat lunch and dinner) on 5:2 days are splashes of milk in tea and coffee. I fund they keep the hunger pangs at bay pretty well. I make sure my lunch has a bit of salt in.

I do keep an emergency apple in my handbag, occasionally I will have that if I'm feeling a bit too spaced out in the late afternoon. And later in the evening I might have a few strawberries as a treat if I have enough cals left after dinner. I was amazed at just how low calorie strawberries are considering they are so sweet and lovely!

@Callanthe I'm loving your sugar snap peas suggestion, I hadn't thought of eating them on 5:2 days but they are yummy so will definitely be giving them a go for snacks or as part of dinner!
I nibble only in the evenings of fast days INSTEAD of the meal. Nibbling during the day would surely set me off.
I don't have horrible hunger pangs anymore, so last fast days I skipped the propper meal and instead I spent evening in bed with book or tablet and small batch of dried meat or sugar snap peas.
First day of the Christmas challenge is tomorrow so im already highly motivated to loose a few kilos ive gained over a year

only 20calories of milk in coffee is all im having till tonights dinner.. hence NO SNACKS for me!
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