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The other day I had a serving of the Slim Pasta with a beef stock cube dissloved in hot water-about 16 calories, & it tasted just like one of those noodles in a cup that have about 300 cals!

I'm going to try the Slim Pasta with Miso soup tomorrow.
Diet coke, sugar free gum, water and more water and more ...... :wink:
Love rice cakes! Especially with peanut butter :shock: (on feast days!!)
Only eat 1 or 2 on fast days if I get a craving for something to munch as they're good for nibbling. I'm on day 2 week 2 as well and so far think this approach to dieting suits me as I know I have only to make it through 1 day, instead of long term deprivation.
Currently sipping on my fave new discovery - a cup of marigold bouillon. Really tasty and only 12 cals.
Good luck everyone and as the great one sang.....
Whatever gets you through the night! :grin:
I don't know what the scientists know but if I eat 250 calories of veg and protein I'll be hungry in one hour. On the contrary, when I eat 150 calories worth of porridge I'm good for at least 3 hours. And 2 rice cakes can take me through the morning till lunch. I understand what you say and what scientists say but it seems that my stomach has a different idea of what fills it up! ;-)
Hi Abigail, I know exactly what you a talking about. I own a small deli and catering business and cook all day most days. However I find I don't nibble because once I started I would never stop. I do drink lots of herbal tea, vege stock in hot water is good and coffee. It keeps me going until I get home for dinner.
Can you cook without tasting the food? That's probably the difference between a professional and an amateur, like meself...
Strawberries and coolwhip are my salvation on fast days. 1 tablespoon of cool whip is 12.5 calories and strawberries are 5 calories each. I slice up the strawberries... normally I don't use cool whip as it's not exactly healthy paleo food but it's been great for me when I'm missing that after dinner want for something sweet. I try not to snack on fast days as it seems to just make me think about food more, but despite not normally eating desert I found myself not feeling satisfied after a 250 calorie dinner. For some reason the strawberries do it for me.
Hi TML13, I get my husband to taste everything as we work together!!
Because if I just had one taste I'd be lost for the day.
I usually have a bowl of melon or strawberries at about 3pm to get me through till dinner. A dessert bowl quite full is only about 30 cals and is very filling and delicious!
Sorry Dom, carbs again- but good carbs! :wink:
Oh yes, meant to ask, what on earth is Quark?
I have never heard of it here in Oz.
gigi55 Quark is sold in Woolies, in the fridge that is near the deli. As to what it is? Some kind of soft cheese I think
gigi55 wrote: I usually have a bowl of melon or strawberries at about 3pm to get me through till dinner. A dessert bowl quite full is only about 30 cals and is very filling and delicious! Sorry Dom, carbs again- but good carbs! :wink:

Sounds tasty, but I wonder about the number of calories? I looked up strawberries and they contain 26 calories per half cup, and casaba melon (the lowest sugar content of any melon, they say) has 24 calories per half cup.

A 1/2 cup is 118 ml apparently (I though it was something quite different!) so I reckon 30 calories-worth of strawberries/casaba melon would be 154 ml, less if it was a different melon. So, if it's full with 30 calories, I guess that is a very dainty bowl you are using gigi? :wink:
I try not to nibble - once I start it's difficult to stop but if i'm really hungry a babybel cheese hits the spot.
I just can't nibble on a fast day. I think if I ate so much as one strawberry it would be over for me. I do chew a lot of sugar free gum, though!
The only time I snack on a fat day is when (if) my blood sugar crashes. I have a history of low blood sugar so if my vision goes blurry I have to eat or I will end up falling over.

I have 1-2 tbsp of hoummous with some vegetable sticks e.g. Capsicum, carrot, celery etc. I weigh it all out and I will keep my snack between 100-150 cals.

For those who feel full on carbs I read an article (and I am wracking my brains to remember where) that was about those who have greater weight loss on a higher carb lower fat type of diet and those who have a higher fat (good fats) lower carb diet.

For the first two weeks of this month I experimented with the higher carb-lower fat type diet and I found that for two weeks weight loss at first was weight gain :shock: and then slowly over two weeks I went back to my previous weight and I just stayed there. Then I went back on my higher fat-lower carb diet and I lost 0.75kg in about 10 days.

Another thing I found was that eating higher fat means that I don't need snacks between meals but when I eat carbs I am hungry sooner and it takes far more will power to not snack between meals.

Throughout my experiment my protein levels were pretty much constant it was only the fat and carbs that I was changing.

This might be a metabolic thing going on which may suggest why some do better on a lower fat diet and others do better on a lower carb diet.

Methinks that this may be another avenue that warrents further research. Also what some natural therapists suggest is that everyone is different and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another (horses for courses). I think that is one of the things that I really like about this way of eating that if I feel better and lose weight more efficiently on a higher fat diet it's good for me and that if you do better on higher carbs then that's good for you. No worries, as we would say in Australia.
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