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Week two fast day two for me today! I think fasting would be a breeze for me if I didn't work some days as a cook! Last fast day I had a buffet to prepare....My favourite kind of high calorie indulgence! Rather then cancel my fast day and over indulge I decided to work through it! Happy to say I did it! My secret weapon? A bowl of Silverskin picked onions! 50g for 11 cals! They are also great at stopping a sweet craving so I will be having those again! Similarly pickled gherkins are great too! I have also discovered Aldi sugar free jelly is just 40 calls for a pint made up so I can even have some pudding for 20 cals. It's very true what they say- necessity is the mother of invention! What has anyone else found as a low cal treat?
Rice cakes, sugar-free jelly, carrot and cucumber sticks, broth made of stock cubes and I'm thinking that when summer comes I could make popsicles with diet coke or other sugar-free drinks.
Celery sticks for me - virtually no calories at all (less than 20 in 100g) :-)
I am a savoury person and find that oxo cube soup at just 7 cals a cube keeps me going on my fast days. Sometimes I drink it instead of having coffee or fruit tea.
TML13 wrote: Rice cakes...

Whaaaaaaaaaat! Did you see this? Guaranteed to make you hungry I would think?! I agree with the other stuff though. Personally I don't nibble at all on fast days, I think it's safest...
I find chopped up melon and grapes are great to refresh my palate and keep me going.
In the long, cold winter it was a cup of bovril that did the trick... :heart:
If I tell you what I think about nutritionists my post will be censored, LOL! I find them absolutely filling and delicious!
Although I hear people saying that carbs make them hungry, they fill me up for quite a long time. In fact, they are they only food that does that!!!
Quark! Protein with only few carbs and fat. Unfortunatly, difficult to find good quark in the UK. The Sainsburies is okay, somtimes I have seen good tasting Quark at Lidl... Use a good blender and blend the quark several minutes. Add some berries (when it is hot outside I prefer frozen berries), some lemon juice and a half banana (some friends of mine add a bit of sweetener instead of the banana).
Should look like that:
The most delicious and healthy desert I know and keeps me full for half a day!
dominic wrote:
TML13 wrote: Rice cakes...

Whaaaaaaaaaat! Did you see this? Guaranteed to make you hungry I would think?! I agree with the other stuff though. Personally I don't nibble at all on fast days, I think it's safest...

I ADORE rice cakes. They're comforting carbs. I literally blow all my 500 cals on a HUGE leaning tower of pisa stack of rice cakes for supper. I feel very satisfied afterwards.
Hey, if it works for you TML and Pip... Still the 'science' says that eating a leaning tower of rice cakes should get you a big insulin spike (making you feel nice'n'full for a bit) and then a crash afterwards (making you feel low and hungry). See a list of GI ratings here.

But what would the scientists know? I guess your own body is the best guide...
Great ideas as I am on my first fast day! thanks x
If only I had some celery here. RIGHT NOW! :wink:
dominic wrote:
But what would the scientists know?

lol @ passive-aggressive Dom :grin:
I try not to nibble on fast days as I'm a grazer & it would be too much temptation but I do like to leave some cals for after tea for "pudding" - 10cal low cal jelly with a little fruit or low cal hot choc
Dom, I'd also like to point out that consuming my leaning tower of rice cakes (12 large ones to be exact) in one sitting feels like a FEAST. Psychologically I feel like I'm really gorging and treating myself, even though the sum total is 500 cals. So it's more than just the nutritional content of said tower.
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