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Hi guys,

I reread this thread as I started this WoE again some ten days ago and I was so stupid as to discuss it with a couple of friends/acquaintances all of whom sort of 'told me off'. According to them 500 kcal was not healthy, not enough to sustain the human body etc. Well, you've probably heard it all so I won't repeat all the 'arguments' (read 'stick') I got. My plan is to learn a couple of scientific terms by heart with which to belabour anyone who dares to criticise me. The way I feel after my fast day yesterday is undescribably energetic and light (even though I am still quite overweight) and I noticed that I started eating wholosome food again on my non-fast days as well, especially all sorts of lovely veggies. So all good as far as I am concerned. A great weekend to you all,

Hello everyone, I am one of the early posters on this site but have not posted for rather a long time now but today I thought I would just pop back to see how things were going and this post caught my eye. Well, ladies ( and any gents on here ) this is an old problem and I have found that the only way to deal with it is to just ignore others opinions whether sought or not. When I first stated 5:2 I had a 36" waist and I now have a 27.5" waist and I think that says it all. Although I quickly moved on to daily 16:8 as it suited me and my lifestyle better ( was never a fan of breakfast ) I am a great advocate, and I hope advert, of intermittent fasting in general. I joined the forum in February 2013 and have never looked back not just because I have a stiff neck but because there is no other way of life for me now. Unless people are seriously interested in how you have lost your unwanted fat don't bring up the subject. I have found that those who do mention my weight really only want to vilify me by validating their own failures somehow. So, there you have it, ignore and get on with it, it works, irworks in the short term and it works in the long term as well. I have absolutely no health issues and that is something I am hoping will stay with me for ever or at least for a very long time, so, good luck, don't give up, if you have bad days, forget it and just get straight back on it, you will never regret it, I promise!!!
@Ballerina! How lovely to see a post from you again and I am so pleased that you are keeping well and maintaining your weight using 16:8. Your posts have been missed - they were always so funny - and there are not a lot of us 'old-timers around now. I pop in from time to time, as do some of the 'early adopters' and I agree that the only way to cope with the 'nay-sayers' is to ignore them. I have found that people now are more accepting of the concept of fasting but most of them just don't want to do it themselves!
Don't be a stranger! It's been too long! :heart:
@stogateresident. Hello Stowgate resident, nice to see you here again. Hope all is well with you and your family. I am still in touch with Siverdarling, Wendy Darling and Wendy Jane over in Colerado, we have some fun chats. Am having to find my way round here again as things are a bit different but I am managing. Life here has been a tad difficult, hubs kidneys came good with their long term threat of failing and he is now on daily peritoneal dialysis and will hopefully go on the active transplant list soon. During the medical prior to going on the transplant list they discovered he needed an aortic valve replacement so five weeks ago they took a circular saw to his chest wall and did the deed. Whilst in intensive care he got shingles which floored him just a bit. After coming home he fell over in the night twice and did himself some damage but he is getting over that now then this week he started with severe nose bleeds, to cut a long story short, his BP was sky high, his red blood count had plummeted to life threatening levels and he spent 9 hours having blood transfusions. He looked more and more like an axe murderer or some sort of cannibal after a feeding frenzy with its latest kill. I have to say that the mini sanitary towel which they stuck under his nose and tied behind the back of his head did nothing for him in a sartorial sense. Anyway, must stop rambling or I will bore everyone to death. Take care and chat to you again, I hope xx
When offered food that's off the list, I have no problem telling folks "No thanks you" If they ask why they probably won't ask again when I get done. I'm polite but assertive, The horn of plenty is way out of control. I turned down a donut the other day, someone had brought a box of them and a fellow member was teasing me with one. He's diabetic and wanted to see my reaction. I quizzed him on what the sugar and white flour in a donut does to our blood sugar, insulin, and how the body handles it. He knew all the answers and ate the donut. His point was "one won't hurt you" my point was " I no longer have to eat those kinds of things", sure sugar tastes good but I can take it or leave it now.
Stay the course.
Same thing happened to my friend. Fast forward 3 months and everyone was asking what she did and how ADF works and starting on it themselves.
Never mind what people say.
People have been fasting for centuries.
I have noticed over the years that if you refuse a treat with a longing look in your eyes and saliva dripping onto your spreadsheet, knitting, patients head, ( insert personal choice ) then you are seen as weak and 'I would love to but no thank you' somehow gets lost in the breeze as the person with the sweet treat proceeds to go in for the kill, 'oh, go on, just the one, one won't kill you, there you go I knew you really wanted one". I have found that a very disinterested, but friendly, look ( even when I am desperate to ram the lot down my throat without any touching the sides) and a polite 'no thank you' gets the message across without any comeback as you have not displayed your weak, and possibly fat, underbelly. Power struggles, even in the strangest circumstances, are such a big part of human nature, so, don't play games, just say 'NO THANKS'" and mean it, job done! :like:
You're so right. A simple "no, thank you" works best by far. You don't have to justify your choices to anyone. Nobody even has to know the reason why you're declining the food.
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