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Yes Julie I've always said people didn't notice until I'd lost 2stone, I'm not complaining coz it delays the comments, got 1 meal this week with a friend who actually will be pleased for me but she will get same answer because of the certain peo;ple who she's related to, most people I've always said would freek out at the F word, thank you julie :heart: and your doing so well this WOE seems to suit you also :like: That's were it becomes different from all those 'diets' out there last week I hit the 1*5stone loss and can honestly say it feels more like 2*5 stone loss that could be fat burning :clover: Sue
I have always said to myself and hubby that I wish I could go cold turkey with food, as it would be easier than constant, day in, day out counting, restricting , deliberating and thinking about food all day long, for months on end. In my case it will be years.
But I don't feel as if I'm on a 'diet' as such. I have biscuits in the cupboard and cream in the fridge, before they couldn't even be in the house because they reminded me too much of what I was missing and therefore made them more desirable.
But if I mention 'fasting' I get the whole hype about missing breakfast etc. Yet my husband has never suffered from missing breakfast his whole life. Its eye opening.
I also had a bad experience when letting a friend in on what I was doing so now I don't say anything other than I'm making healthier food choices and eating a bit less. Sue i'm like you in that my bmi was over 44 when I started 5:2 and I find it strange people aren't happy I'm making a healthy change. I've learnt some would be happy to keep me in my little fat unhealthy box but I am not staying there not matter what they say.
People do have set images of who you are, according to them. So you can be pigeon holed in the 'fat friend I look good against' category. As soon as you start loosing weight, for some people, you slide into the 'she could end up being competition' category so they try to sabotage you. They may do this completely sub consciously, they may think they are doing it out of concern. But it can happen.
Ah I don't worry, I tell people as my weight loss is noticeable. People can have their own opinions and some do say they could not starve themselves or miss a meal yet others are interested and already 4 people I have discussed it with are keen buying the books heading for this forum.

I think we are privledged, it is working for us and if someone is struggling with dieting I would not hesitate to drop the 5:2 pearls of wisdom. I have not been this weight for 20 years I am so chuffed and so grateful as every day in the past 20 years my weight has bothered me

I do agree Julieathome some people won't like your success for what ever are their reasons and their nonsense, I'd be thinking who needs friends like that who can't enjoy your hard won weight loss
I agree people start noticing at about 10% weight loss, that's where I'm at. Almost everyone seems to be trying it or on it that I know so it's really hard to avoid the discussion and people want to know what it is 'you're doing'. I just say it's not for everyone because it clearly isn't.
It seems I've been lucky as everyone I've told about being on 5:2 so far, including my GP, has been really interested and positive. I say let the results speak for themselves and let's ignore any negative comments knowing that we're doing something for our own health and well-being! :heart:
I tell anyone who asks how I lost weight, if they object I bamboozle them with science until their eyes glaze over...they daren't criticise me in case it sets me off again!!!
Oh Caroline you are so lucky to have all that science knowledge!!!At my age I'd have forgotten I had it in the first place lol :clover: :heart: Sue
I did alternate day IF for my 46lb weight loss and the looks on people's faces when they'd ask what I was doing, was priceless lol. After they hear the 'Fasting' word, they would instantly tune out and make negatives comments. However, now seeing me have such success with it and now maintaining (well I'm now just starting 5:2 to lose a few last vanity pounds), I'm getting much more positive feedback-in fact I've had three people ask me for more info and my mom is now doing it and is losing weight beautifully :) Don't let the negativity get you down!
DomDom wrote: I have to say that i think this is predominantly a female thing. I never understood why women did not want to tell people about their diet and other things, but with experience I can kind of see why. Personally I would tell such people to F off and that would be it, but I understand that such relationships are valuable to some.

I've been a vegetarian for many years and been hated by all sorts of people during that time simply because of my diet. I've come to have the attitude that you have. I tell people to F off in slightly more polite terms but am willing to escalate to literally telling people to F off. Thing is, Saying that gets a woman even more stick in a way that wouldn't happen to a man. Even if we say it to men. Not sure why that is.

This is one of my reasons for keeping 5:2 to myself. I know it would not go over well *when* I told someone to F off or that I didn't care what they think. So I just avoid what I know will happen. LOL

If asked, I'm not dieting or IFing or doing 5:2, etc. I've made some changes to the way I eat. And will repeat as necessary.

(Note: apologies for so many references to the F-bomb. I only used it because I would literally be saying that. I have a potty mouth in real life. :( )
Kfort13 wrote: I was out with girlfriends tonight.(I have been doing 5:2 for 8 weeks now, and have gone up and down with my weight since. But this past week I feel like finally got control. I started not counting, but monitoring my calories (a tad under my tdee) and I lost 5 lbs this week). I'm so excited. This is going to be my new WOE. I can do this for the long haul. (I heard that you shouldn't tell people you're doing this because of criticism, but I was with friends (who are overweight) so I shared). Man, O man, did I get the riot act. How bad skipping breakfast was for my metabolism, and how this will bring me into starvation mode,etc., yikes. I felt like I was the subject of an intervention. I, however, have not succumbed to their ignorance. I will continue on losing weight while having a normal life. My advise, even to people you think will understand, WON'T.

#keepitquiet #donttell

What on earth made you say anything?

Its a contentious and personal subject. You were putting your neck straight in the noose by bringing it up.

I wonder about skipping breakfast, too, (I try to spread my 600 throughout the day).

The starvation mode thing is BS. I thought that once but is not so.

Lesson learned; just keep it yourself....unless someone deliberately takes a genuine interest of course.
All I have to say is one scenario. I said what I was doing it to a very good psychoanalytical friend. Practically a brother without the blood. His wife, who has always been super skinny, screeched that she simply could not eat so little, strange as she oftens hardly eat at all. Then my friend, as he walked out of the door, said that he was really happy for me that I was able to stick to something that I believed in. I stuck with his words. It mnade me feel really good.
My parents are happy for me, and my father was so interested that he started fasting himself. My friends didn't have anything to say one way or the other, but they're very feminist so I don't think they would dare critique what someone does with their own body :smile:

This time around, I have not had any comments from acquaintances, nor have I told any of them what I'm doing. Last time I made an effort to be more healthy, an acquaintance told my mother I should stop losing weight as I was going to get skinny. I felt insulted that she would make a value judgment about my body like that, and that sort of attitude is also why I don't tell anyone I don't trust to respect me and my choices.
David F wrote: What on earth made you say anything?

Its a contentious and personal subject. You were putting your neck straight in the noose by bringing it up.

I think it is reasonable to expect one's friends to respect one's right as a mature adult to make decisions about one's own body. Their bossy rudeness is on them, not on kfort13.
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