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Hi. Not really sure which category this goes in, but here goes:

Fellow fasters: What is your opinion of Bulletproof Coffee (BPC)? I drink it about 2 times a week, on NON-fast days, but I am reading that it is good on a fast day. I cannot get my head around that, as one cup is somewhere around 200 calories. I wouldn't want to count that towards my calorie allotment for the day, but is that what you are supposed to do? So, what's the consensus here?

P.S. How does the Search function work on this site? I never get any results come up when I search in the Google Custom Search box at the top of the page.
Melinda i dont know bout the BPC ..have wondered about it too, so thanks for bringing it up
As for Search the one on the top LEFT works for me, but not the one on the right x
CandiceMarie, you are my hero! Thank you for telling me about that search box. I never even saw it. D'oh!
I am pretty sure you need to count the calories. :frown: Fast day calories are just that, CALORIES, not carb grams or anything else. That's why, like you, I only drink it on non-fast days. Love it though :heart:
Technically yes, all ingested calories subtract from the a fast days' total calories.

If you are fat-adapted - no longer a slave to carb cravings - or in maintenance, drinking a BPC anytime from breakfast to mid-morning induces a comfortable feeling (satiety) which can easily last until dinner. It makes a lower-calorie feast day very easy to accomplish.

Because a BPC is high fat and no carbohydrates your body remains in it's overnight fat-burning state. No carbs means no insulin is triggered, which means no hunger cravings since there are no sugars being converted into new body fat.
ADFnFuel has explained it perfectly. I'll just add that almost all the metabolic changes that occur during fasting are identical to those of very low carb dieting so a bullet proof coffee doesn't break the fast in that sense but of course the calories will count in terms of losing weight to some extent as your body will use the calories in the coconut oil rather than your fat stores for a while.
I just tried a BPC on my Monday fast and then had a 300 calorie sushi dinner at 7 p.m. I wasn't hungry again the next day until sometime around noon so I may try it again. the benefits Carorees talks about are definitely worth it and I will be trying it again. Good luck if you decide to try it. It really is delicious.
Thanks everyone. So as I understand it, drinking the BPC on a fast day BREAKS the fast but still continues the fat burning. This is food for thought. I like to have true, long fasts (24 hours, then consume <500 calories, then another 12 hours), because I think that you get the most benefit when you give your body long stretches of time without calories (going back to my favorite standby, the 1995 Joel Furhman book on fasting and health). So I am still trying to decide if I want to drink a BPC on a fast day or not.
Looked it up and can honestly day that Bulletproof coffee is something that I will never ever have. Give my a glass of Dolce Gusto Iced Coffee anytime :smile:
Don't knock it 'til you try it, says the woman who formerly hated coffee now LOVES it because it's bulletproof.

I made my first one just now. A little apprehensive about drinking it but I shouldn't have been too concerned because it tasted just fine. A bit oily but i'm gonna try and have a cuppa at least once a week. Hope it will help my dry skin issues.
Aha! Light bulb moment. I am afraid of bpc so I can't imagine ever having it but I do like reading what you all say about it. Very interesting. However, I am never hungry in the mornings and could easily skip lunch too (I never do though except on fasting days) so what ADFnFuel and carorees said makes perfect sense. I do low carb most days so I reckon I must stay in fat burning mode easily. Does that make sense? I am quite excited about this revelation so sorry for going off topic but I felt that I had to share.

*wendy heads for the door :grin:
Does anyone in the UK drink BPC, and if so, what products/ ingredients do you use?

Also, is there a simple and easy way to make it? I'm not too sharp first thing in the morning - so it needs to be easy and doable for me!

I've seen the 'official' BPC recipe, but it was American and the ingredients seemed hugely expensive to me.
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