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When I was in highschool, there was a dieting trend that was very popular and easy. You ate the breaky of your choice and then a big, late (for the Greek standards) lunch with pudding et all and then ate nothing else till next morning. It really worked and it was easy for those who came home around 4pm but it wasn't working for those who came home around 7 or 8pm.
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I stop eating at 2000hrs on a Sunday night. Eat breakfast at 8.30 on the Monday and have nothing else until the following morning at 8.30. Is this correct. I then eat normally on the Tuesday until 18.30 and then have breakfast on the Wednesday and then nothing until the following morning on the Thursday.

Should i be doing such a long fast?
That's fine if it works for you! It's basically the reverse of what I do if you think about it! 24 hours with nothing but you have your 24 hours after breakfast whereas I have mine before dinner!
Dear carorees, you always find a positive spin ..... bless you, for all your help & support xxx
I have just started this diet and I love and believe the science behind it!

This is what I do is this right?

Fast Days Tuesdays & Thursdays

Day before each fast I always take crackers & a biscuit/tea to bed so eat around 11pm before I go to sleep around 12/1pm. Fast Day = black coffee/fruit tea Tea/splash milk & sweetner until 6.30pm when I have fish vegetables and fruit then at 10-11pm I take a mug of low cal hot chocolate & small biscuit to bed(40&35cals)

I find it hard not have 'something' to go to bed with as I read or watch iplayer etc. Is this okay?

Thanks :)
Well, hats off to 5:2 :smile:

I didn't do anything particularly special, but I did manage a Sunday fast just before my difficult fortnight & 1 nearly-fast last week where I fasted all day & had my favourite low-cal curry with our guests (who loved it, and were so motivated that they had their first fast yesterday!) but then I fell down that same evening on the wine so although I did better than I would have done, I certainly went over the 500 cals!

First fast at the end of the fortnight yesterday & this morning, even after a lot of eating & drinking in the last fortnight, I'm still exactly where I was at the start :smile: :smile:
There is no doubt that, in 'the old days' I'd have put on a couple of pounds & would have possibly never got them back off.

Happy? YES :smile:

P.S. thank you without any doubt to this forum too - I knew I was coming back here & that motivated me, I couldn't bear coming back to that graph going the wrong way!! (although I'm waiting a few days until I update, just to make sure this is real!)
Oops! I misunderstood what Annie meant. I thought it sounded very ambitious - fourteen days on one meal a day! Now I understand. Thank you Caroline!
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