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Is it ok to eat really high quality tasty gooey chocolate cake? It is a non-fast day and it was a birthday and the cake was extraordinary and home-made - wasn't like it was a box of Mr Kipling's! :grin:
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Hope so, I've just stuffed down from homemade chocolate biscuits with some ice-cream...
:smile: Absolutely - that's one of the delights of this WOL. I've just come back from a friends 50th birthday and have had a small plate of sandwiches - 2 scones, jam AND clotted cream AND a piece of birthday cake. Fasting on Monday will compensate for what I've eaten today and tomorrow will be a feast day too, though I won't go over the top - lots of veggies with a roast Sunday lunch in preparation for that fast on Monday. Don't you just LOVE this WOL :lol:
I do so on a regular basis, so if we're not supposed to, no-one told my scales ;)

It's a feed day, have what you like, just don't pig out (well not too much!)
Yes I eat cake could'nt live without it ha ha not everyday but Sundays and Tuesdays I have something naughty but nice, thats why I think I will be able to continue with this diet
This WOE is heaven-sent - so overjoyed to hear you are indulging in cream teas and home-made biscuits!
Looking forward to my roast dinner tomorrow too!
Thanks ladies, this guilt-free eating is revolutionary. :heart:

And in the words of Forest Gump,
'That's all I have to say about that'
I sincerely hope so! My OH made delicious hot cross buns today so we have both had two each, while they are good and fresh.
Oh now I am going to have to make hot cross buns for Good Friday..... glad it's not a fast day! none in the shops here. Care to share your OHs recipe Gillb?
I've never managed to make hot cross buns nice and light, mine are like bricks :-( so yes please to a recipe!
I've just posted my hot cross bun recipe on the recipe board:

On the subject of cake - I've never eaten so much cake since I was a lad, now I'm practicing IF. It's a requirement on this WOL, isn't it? :wink:

There are several dead easy cake recipes on my blog - there's even a calorie counted chocolate cake, containing only 5 ingredients, that will set you back all of 70p! :smile:
I think it's obligatory :grin:
I had a Waitrose pain au raisin for breakfast :heart: The frozen ones you heat in the oven are really good and fresh. Going out for lunch as well.
I've eaten cake more often since beginning 5:2 ( on feast days of course) than pre-5:2. 5:2 is fantastic, still lost enough weight to now be on maintenance.
Cake on feast days?? As the Churchill dog says, 'oh yes'!!! :like: :like:
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