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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Late to this one and the photos have gorn! :curse:
Silverdarling wrote: Late to this one and the photos have gorn! :curse:

I can see them @silverdarling!
carorees wrote:
Silverdarling wrote: Late to this one and the photos have gorn! :curse:

I can see them @silverdarling!

Me too @carorees They're still visible to me.
@Scubachick, thanks for the inspiration! You look so great! It was also nice seeing how great you looked in your "before" photos. It helped me put myself in perspective a little. You look beautiful at both sizes.
I agree with Magpie! Like i said before Scuby,i wdnt mind looking like yr before pix! X :lol:
Go you... Tis is all relative to our journey in life I thinkie. Scub, you are fab, thanks for sharing your journey! :like: I will share my 7 month journey soon... to this wonderful forum :clover:
Oh Jayney, I am feeling like a fraud as I am reading your beautiful encouraging comments while I eat chocolate and drink gin&slim in bed 3 hours after my eating window closed :oops: :oops: I am on a 5 day break to see my parents and being a bit more relaxed with my eating. :oops: goal is within my grasp some weeks, but will slip further away again on weeks like this. I have another week away in a fortnight, then that is me done till Christmas!
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