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After years of not weighing myself, I finally weighed myself and started the 5:2 diet before my daughter's wedding. I lost about 20 pounds (I don't remember how long it took) in time for the wedding before gradually resuming my old ways -- after the wedding. Now, a year later -- again not weighing myself-- I need to get back into the dress I wore for my son's wedding. I just started again, but fear weighing myself for at least 2 weeks until I give it a chance to kick in. I'm worried that I'll be so discouraged to discover myself the weight I was before my initial attempt (which was hard work) that I won't be inspired to continue. I need some encouragement by any of you out there who fell off the wagon and then resumed successfully after an extended period of time. Thanks in advance!
Oh yes, I think many of us routinely fall (or jump, in my case) off the wagon. And wouldn't you know? Not paying attention to my eating habits causes me to regain weight. Go figure ;-)

I've had my feet dangling off the wagon for a couple of weeks now. I had several weeks in a row where I was really behaving but the scale wasn't budging. Then I got results of my thyroid test and my thyroid was low. That makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. So I've been treading water, weight wise, and it's frustrating. Which leads to nibbling a bit more than I should. I'm struggling right now, within a 2 pound window and determined to not go any higher than that. (at 202 I can still rationalize "maybe it's water weight from all the salt" because that's *possible* although not probable that it's just water and I'm really still 200 -- it's a form of insanity, isn't it?)
Me me! I'm in the same boat. Was super successful with it until I stopped completely and just didn't watch what I ate for a year. Now I'm back to it. Hoping joining this group will help!
Yes me. Lost 2.5 stones a couple of years ago. Totally fell off wagon. Getting back into it by learning how hunger feels gently. Doing 16:8 for 2 weeks. Working so far :-)
Yup. Fell off in 2013. 4 years and 18kg later, I am back. It's the only thing that ever really works for me because I only have to last until tomorrow. I've only been back a week so ... Welcome back! Hang in there!
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