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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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I was going to wait until I'd lost a complete stone but couldn't. As I put on this T-shirt this morning I remembered a pic of me wearing it on holiday last April. So I recreated the same outfit, although the trousers are way too big for me now :wink:

Although I'm looking a bit serious in the 'after' shot that's only because I was concentrating on taking the pic! I'm delighted so far - between 3 and 4 inches lost off both waist and hips, and god knows how many off my top half :bugeyes:

Still another stone to go but I'm happy to take my time!
Wayhey! Look at that lovely waist! And your face has slimmed down! Brilliant stuff, well done! :like:
Oh wow! you're looking good. Thank you for posting your pics.
You're looking great lizzie, well done and keep up the good work!
Terrific photos Lizzie and wow what a difference. You're looking good!
Thanks everyone!

This forum has been brilliant, I've really enjoyed everyone's company here, the encouragement and camaraderie - thank you all. :heart:
Hey amazing results Lizzieh!

you can really see the change, wow! well done :-)
Fantastic results. You look like a new woman. For a second, though, I thought you were looking for a new man!! No ring! Then I realised ... duh...mirror shot.

Excellent work. It's very inspiring. I have a lot to lose (my left nipple weighs 13 pounds) but this really does work.
:heart: :heart: Wow lizzie what a complete difference that
13 pounds has made brilliant :heart: But yes the outfit is far too baggy now Lol come on Santa will be coming soon time to shop I think. Well done. :clover: Sue. :clover: :clover:
You are looking great! Well done. You have hardened my resolve to keep plodding on. Thank you! :like: :like: :like:
Wow lizzieh, you look fantastic! :like: :victory: :like: :grin:
Wow, you look ab fab!! Well done, and no doubt ready for a shopping trip. :like: :like:
Looking brill, even the trousers look much different. Skin tight in 1 and baggy in two.
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