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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Wow - fantastic work :) do you just do 2 fasts a week and do you split your 500 cals throughout the day?
Fantastic! Congratulations! You look wonderful. :victory:
Fabulous! Love seeing photos, hope others follow suit.
WOW WOW WOW GREAT JOB! Any tips you found along the way. You have made me look like I am standing still! ;-)
Thank you all!

To answer a few questions:
- it wasn't 5:2s fault for the blonde hair. a dodgy hairdresser was to blame! But its worked out ok.
- that is me in my wedding dress. I didn't do 5:2 to lose for the event, it was only booked just under 2 months ago. But 5:2 gave me the confidence.
- I do 5:2 and save my calories for one evening meal, stick to within 100/200 of TDEE on non fast days (and occasionally blow out). Last month I started doing cardio on fast day mornings, it hasn't sped up my loss (which is slowing from its exceptionally fast start - no complaints) but the flabby tummy has done most of its disappearing since then so I heartily recommend that.
Wow wow wow! Amazing, congratulations, well done :):) x
What a fabulous transformation , you look amazing :)
You look amazing and congratulations on your wedding! X
Many congratulations on losing the fat and gaining a husband. Very best wishes for a happy healthy future :0)
You look fabulous! Congratulations on the weight loss and your marriage! :0)
Congratulations on your weight loss and marriage.

You look stunning. Well done.

What a knockout you are! Thank you for posting the before and after; very inspiring! I love two the renewed spirit and confidence you show in those after pics. :heart:
Cripes, I was pleased with my transformation (although I can't post photos as they were not allowed before :lol:) but you are an absolute STAR

Well done you :like:
The second absolutely fabulous of the day - well done!
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