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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Following from Moogie's fantastic pictures and results, here's my still ongoing.

I started at 14st 13, on 19th April.
I was 11st 3 on 20th August (have had a blowout recently so am too scared to hop on the scales until I've got a couple of fasts under my belt!)


Taken Dec 12 - I had put more weight on after this was taken


Side by side - after 4 months of 5:2


Taken Aug 13 - the reason I've been off the wagon for a few days!
Wow wow wow how beautiful you are and what an inspiration. Great pics thanks for sharing
Wow indeed! Almost unbelievable transformation (well, it would be unbelievable for anyone who was not already aware of the power of fasting)! Congrats on your fantastic progress to date. :star:

BTW, Did the 5:2 turn your hair blonde too???!!! :lol:
this is so inspiting and has given me even more drive to stick with this - if I can achieve what you have over the next 4/5 months I will be over the moon!!!
Wow! That's fantastic, you've done so well and look amazing my dear. Bet you feel great too :D

Thanks for posting the pics, this new forum should prove to be quite an inspiration for newbies!
Wow! what a transformation :star: :star: :star:

Not only have you lost lbs, it also looks like you've lost years too. You look fab and it is so good of you and Moogie to post pictures - it really is inspiring.

Congratulations and thank you

Oh My What an amazing transformation :like: :like: :like:
Congratulations and thank-you for the inspiration :heart: :heart: Sue
I'm speechless! You look wonderful! Thank you for posting. It will encourage us all on those difficult days we all have. Can I ask was it 5:2 4:3 or ADF?
You look awesome. Congrats to you. I hope I do as well as you!
looks like blondes really do have more fun! You look brill!!
You look so beautiful ! How amazing the transformation of losing weight has made on you ! You look now like I imagine a daughter of yours would look ! Congratulations on your full body makeover and love the blonde ! We all love before and after pics :smile:
As the others have said - you look amazing! Congrats!
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