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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Teeeny weeeny waist! Youre so slender now and much healthier too..and have done so well in such a short space of time! Just shows what can be achieved by committing to it as you have PB! * massive round of applause!* x you 're a great role model !
Oooh I say! What a transformation @peonyblue - you have done fantastically well!

Who knew that such a lovely waist was waiting for you?! Massive congratulations - for all on here know just how determined you have had to be.....not just twice, but 7 days a week! You are a thrilling advert for 5:2, many thanks for sharing your is inspirational and gives the rest of us such hope!

Will look forward to the wedding photo in due course....

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
Good griiieeff @PeonyBlue! That is an incredible feat. Look at your waist! I think you could get your hands all the way around there! And you lost that weight in just 6 months? Thats truly astounding. Well done indeed. Did you do much exercise during your fasting regime? And did you literally just stick to 5:2?

You are TOTALLY AWESOME! Well done indeed!

Bean :shock: :heart:
Fabulous pix and brilliant result @PeonyBlue, just perfect. Congratulations and into the maintenance tent with you.
Brilliant @PeonyBlue! You really look fantastic and must feel so also. You'll look wonderful in your wedding dress and now I've seen what a great shape you're in, I'd say the second of your two sketches would be my choice for showing off your super figure.

We would love to include your story in the success stories section. Please do let me or Moogie know if you're happy for us to post it there!
Very impressive results and how lovely to have the pleasure of making your own (tiny) wedding dress to look forward to! Congratulations!
Wow! What a transformation! You are going to look spectacular in whichever of those two beautiful dresses you designed you choose.

I hope your sister is doing well, too.
I was wondering about yr sister too..hope she is ok? Did she get a transplant or is she still on dialysis? X
Well done!! You look fantastic and that's a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing :-)
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments - that twisty 3/4 pose has something going for it when showing off a newly found waistline, doesn't it?! Even I got a surprise when I saw the pics - I don't think the mirror reflects the same! And @Carorees - I'm happy for my story to go in the inspirational stories one - let me know if you want me to write it up to follow the format or if the novel here is okay. :smile:

Thanks especially to those asking after my sister. She's travelling okay, still managing on her own kidneys, and is hoping to for a while longer so long as her lupus doesn't flare up again. The annoying news is that us siblings all got tested against her and we all have this one genetic marker that my sister has built up antibodies to, so it highly increases the chance of rejection and she'd need a major blood transfusion to even attempt it. So it looks like I'm not going to be able to give her this kidney that I've been keeping nice and safe for her...her hubby is now the preferred donor, despite having less markers in common.

Well, I'm off to find the maintainers tent - this next bit of the journey is going to be interesting...fitting into the dress! I like having goals to work to, so I guess that's my next one. So you'll definitely be seeing me around - I'd miss all you guys!
Oh, and @nursebean, I meant to answer your questions - yes 5:2 really was pretty much low carbing, though I did find I chose to eat less high GI carbs than I had previously...mostly I managed feast days by eating smaller portions of what I'd normally eat. The only thing I cut pretty much completely was fruit juice and fizzy sugary drinks. Walking was my only real exercise - mostly incidental. I catch public transport to work, and I make sure to take the hillier walks when I can, plus I have to walk around campus a lot and it's spread over a hill, so those 10000 steps a day are not insignificant!

Food journaling was a big thing for me, and estimating my calorie intake on the app. While I rarely weighed food, it kept me mindful. And looking back, the calorie deficit that 5:2 provided in a week correlated quite closely with my loss. 5:2 provided the tool so that I didn't feel like I was dieting everyday, so I never got tired or bored of dieting.
Wow! You look so slim,with an hourglass feminine shape peonyblue. Congratulations on your success. I too lost weight for my wedding 24 years ago ( 50 pounds with WW) and put it back on 2 more times plus extra since then. Thanks to this liberating WOE I'm confident in saying this won't happen again. Sorry WW but I'll never knock on your door again and eat your ' food like substances' again.
Xxx julianna
Massive well done from me too - I would never have connected those pictures as being the same person! (Nice cat by the way!) You have done so well - such an inspiration. Look forward to seeing the wedding pics in due course. I'm with Julianna - never going back to slimming clubs - why would you? :lol:
Hi @Peonyblue Whoopee! Go that lovely girl with the tiny waist! You look fab and your message to us is wonderful, right from the heart, beautifully written and I can relate to your journey - so I think it should be posted in the newsletter as it is, but obviously if it can be communicated in a better format that is also good.

I'm so pleased you have gained the energy you lost without realising the slowly creeping weight. It makes such a difference to our quality of and outlook in life.

Best wishes to your sis, Lupus is very tough, a dear friend is 25 years in, but my, her passionate and loving character shines through every single day. :smile:

So, what plans for the dress ............ over to Fashionista thread?

Take care

Oh wow! The difference in your before and after pics is amazing! You look absolutely fantastic. You must be thrilled to bits.
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