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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Your'e doing really well and I enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work!
Hi @thefastingdoctor!

I was away on holiday when you joined the forum, so have just popped in to say welcome and thanks for posting your progress pictures...we love pictures! I look forward to seeing your future achievements in pictorial form! I am particularly impressed with how your waist has appeared so quickly into your fasting journey...perhaps testament to the tendency for fasting to target abdominal fat?

If you are interested in the science behind fasting, I hope you have had a chance to look at the articles I have written in the 'Fasting' section of the menu (in the yellow menu bar) covering all aspects of the science of fasting. I welcome any feedback, particularly any corrections and necessary additions! If you come across any useful info on the science of fasting that can be added to these pages, please share!
Oh I wondered where you'd gone Caroline @Carorees Have you had a great holiday?
Thank you @StowgateResident :)

@carorees thank you for the warm welcome & I hope you had a lovely holiday! To be honest, my tummy area has always been rather prominent (with a waist:height ratio higher than the 'healthy' average) so I too am interested to see if the fasting helps to tackle my abdominal fat. From seeing how my waist is day-to-day it can increase/decrease in size significantly depending on what I've eaten (perhaps because I haven't got strong core muscles!) but definitely feels flatter (& has lost inches) following a fast day & when I wake up in the mornings compared to pre-5:2 so I hope that it is a long term change!

I look forward to reading your articles as admittedly my knowledge base regarding fasting is still minimal but I find it reassuring that more and more research & studies are looking into intermittent fasting so perhaps we will have even more answers in a few years' time.
I'm finding the change in your shape incredible in 4 weeks. Incredible.
Thank you for your lovely comment @PennyForthem:)
I'm not sure you should have copied and pasted parts of the discussion on this forum to your own blog and start another discussion there. This forum has a special function for many of us.
Wmr309 wrote: I'm not sure you should have copied and pasted parts of the discussion on this forum to your own blog and start another discussion there. This forum has a special function for many of us.

Don't worry, I've already been in touch with her about this. Will do my best to sort it out.
Dear @Wmr309

I apologise if I have trodden on any toes, I did not realise it would upset (I merely wanted to open up a discussion about it & I actually liked the initial comment (as I thought it highlighted points that we can all learn from i.e. not to be judgemental towards others' journeys & that everyone has their own story behind their own weight loss pursuits - if I didn't like the comment I wouldn't have posted it & I especially kept it anonymous on the blog to ensure it was not interpreted as an attack). I have messaged @Peebles to get her opinion on the matter but I welcome you to message me too with your thoughts. If it has upset you I would really like to know why so that I can understand & hopefully have an open & rational discussion about it.

Take care

(At least I hope it was sent - for some reason I can't see it in my sent items & am not that proficient using this messaging system - please let me know if not Peebles!)
Your pm's stay in the outbox until the recipient reads them so if your pm to Peebles is still showing in the outbox it means she hasn't read it yet.

I'm glad you found the comments interesting and helpful, and I agree that it is a useful discussion.

Hopefully no-one feels or has felt their toes stepped on but it is always wise to ask permission before copying stuff from one site to another. The trouble is that today's technology makes this so simple that it is easy to forget that the copyright rules do still apply!
I think the problem is that is normal to ask people before you use their material not afterwards, then you can, as a common courtesy acknowledge your source, and give them credit for their views.
@carorees in that case (as outbox is empty), should it be in my sent messages? Because it is not? If not, I will retype another! Thank you for your advice, I did not realise copyright was an issue on open forums but clearly this is not the case so thank you for making me aware as I really did not know (or I wouldn't have done it!)

@Merlin I apologise if I have offended, I can only reiterate that it was not intentional to do so, if I had realised that it was 'normal' to have done what you have mentioned then I would have done so, but for someone new to forums & blogging unfortunately I am not rehearsed in etiquette for which I can only apologise for. It is a learning process for me, for which I can only be grateful for!
thefastingdoctor wrote: @carorees in that case (as outbox is empty), should it be in my sent messages? Because it is not?

Yes it should be either in the outbox (if not yet read) or in the sent messages (after it has been read) so if it is in neither we have to assume it has gone missing! Sorry.
I just saw the PM after reading about it here.

My words as posted on your blog have been taken out of context, and the context is important. That context is that they were posted on a forum, where anyone reading them can easily see what other things I have to say and make their own decisions as to where I am coming from. It is also a context in which most people reading know who I am.

By posting it in a blog where you are the boss and the commenters are fans, the post takes on a completely different coloration.

Besides that, taking more than a sentence or two from any other web site and reprinting it without attribution or a backlink is considered stealing content. If the owners of the content sent a Digitial Millenium Copyright Take Down Notice, your web host will have to remove your post and perhaps your blog. So if you are going to blog, you do need to learn the rules of the road and follow them. Ignorance is no defense.

I posted here under the assumption that if you had something to say you would post it here, and that would lead to an interesting dialogue. But like I say, it is all about context.

And the context for me is that I have seen quite a few doctors wade into the online diet/health community, stick around long enough to gather up a fan base, and then sell books on topics about which they know far less than the people in the online communities whose ideas they lifted.

You may have no intention of doing so, and I wasn't implying that you did. But it happens. A lot. So I raised the issue now, before you have turned yourself into an MD with a high traffic blog and a very television-friendly young body and face who publishers will be begging to write the next book titled "Ten Seconds to Perfect Health and Instant Weight Loss Through Dr. X's Extremely Simplistic Poorly Researched Trick That Worked for Her."

JUST ADDED: I emailed the OP that I would prefer that my post be taken off her blog and replaced with a link to this discussion so that anyone reading it could a) See the context b) check out what else I might have had to say recently and c) Participate in the discussion here.
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