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There has only been a period where I wasn't weighing regularly and using the tracker but I was living in another country and had limited access to scales. Other than that, since starting 5:2, I've been weighing nearly daily and entering data on the tracker every Friday. Until this month...

Tomorrow morning I will go on the scales, enter my weight in the tracker and report how I go here on this post every week, possibly on Monday or Thursday (fasting days) or Friday, to report on my weight. I've seriously dropped the ball lately and am eating massive portions, have chips with my burgers, bake cakes like there's no tomorrow, few alcohol free days a week, sweets in my desk drawer, etc. If it wasn't for my visits to the gym three times a week (serious weights, puffed out every time), daily walks with the dog, cycling to work four times a week, at least 9,000 steps a day, it could all be much worse.

I turned 50 last month and have been taking medication to suppress reflux(incl some steroids) for about six weeks but surely that's just another excuse. Similar to 'I had quite a bit of salt yesterday so it's possibly retaining fluid, that's why the scales are up', 'we've just had holidays', etc. I lost all that I wanted in the first 6-8 months, then maintained for two and a bit years but my weight is slowly going up during the last twelve months. Clothes are tighter too, waist is a bit bigger, etc, all signs that I'd rather not experience. So, tomorrow, back to proper 5:2, incl counting calories in coffees, no almonds to tie me over, etc. My sister is coming over for a holiday late July so I've got three months to get back to coveted 68kg. I was 73kg last week, so looking at half a kilo a week, which is achievable. Tonight though home made pasta with tomatoes and meatballs :oops: TBC, Wendy
Good to see you back @Wmr309, you know you can do it :like: Some of the old soldier will be watching your progress and we will celebrate success with you (and keep you on track if needed :smile: )
Oh I'm sorry to hear that's why you're back, but happy to have you. Yes, 500g/week is totally doable!! It sounds like you have a great plan for getting back on track. I know some don't like the idea of counting calories but for me, I absolutely have to be diligent all week long to make sure I"m not massively overeating. No treats/chips/chocolate and I don't stay on a diet for long. I need to portion out *reasonable* amounts of things rarely, then it all can work.

I also agree about the alcohol. I can do two days a week and still lose weight at a good clip. More than that and i think it really can start to hold me back.
I weighted 72.7kg this morning, so not the dreaded 73, but still 5kg above target, and a weight I was able to maintain for two years. My mum thinks I look better at this weight as at 66-67kg I looked a bit gaunt but I felt so much better. First goal is to be below 70 and then I'll revisit.
I just realised I placed this in the wrong folder... Oh well, I'll have to log in often so that I don't lose track.

Two fasts this week, three alcohol free days, two gym sessions (third one tomorrow) and lots of outings with the dog. I weighed 71.4kg this morning, so a loss of 1.3kg this week. The first week was always going to be easy, possibly next one too but the weeks after will show whether I can tough it out and get back to target.

I've decided not to count calories but instead eat the same, proven dinners, and nothing in between; coffee with milk in the morning, stock cube at lunch, only black coffee, herbal tea and water in between and either Mexican pizza from the original book or soup for dinner. It's boring but it has worked before.
I lost my post as I keep being logged out. Can't be bothered to write in detail again. Second fast of the week, two coffees and homemade minestrone soup. Done.
How are you doing with the June Solstice Challenge wmr??
how are you doing, @wmr309?
Thanks for asking @Tracieknits and @Cblasz. Not as well as I was hoping. The fast days are no problem, nor is snacking during the week or late at night, but the weekend was out of control. I got some gorgeous chocolate for Mother's Day so am working my way through them - straight after dinner, when I should still be full enough. :confused:
Oh you're in good company. I think a lot of us had a bit too much fun over the weekend. I hope you're at least enjoying those chocolates! Don't let guilt spoil the enjoyment. Just try to have one each night and space them out a bit?
Thanks @Tracieknits but I'm not very good in doing that. I just finished the last one and won't buy any more. Looking at my crop of lemons I'm contemplating doing some baking this afternoon. I've made lemon curd already but still have plenty more juicy fruits. All recipes do need lots of sugar...
Oh, @Wmr309, the baking! I regularly bake for my local Women's Institute and the cakes call to me every time! The only way I can manage is to freeze a cake in ready-to-eat slices and only have one or two pieces a week. Lemon drizzle cake is my absolute favourite and my mouth is watering already at the thought of your lemons! :starving:
I ended up making a microwave version of the lemon drizzle cake (quick, using less butter) but it probably wasn't worth the calories as the texture was a bit rubbery. I'll make a proper one next weekend and will freeze the portions/share with the neighbours @StowgateResident
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