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Rufus wrote: Like Coffeecat said, psyllium husks.

I take them with last meal before the fast. They make you feel really full inside. Lots of water and coffee helps, too.

I didn't realize it at first, but I guess I'm suffering from a similar problem!

What are husks??
Hi guys,
Lactulose is very good, it is a medicine but very very gentle, it softens up the poo so you can pass it more easily, it works by drawing water into the bowel. Doctors prescribe it but I think you can also buy it, it is a bit sickly sweet but ooooh so worth it. I take it because I take so many painkillers for my joints which of course bung you up!
Toni x
The thing is, if you already drink lots of coffee and lots of water and eat lots of fibre, they won't help you with constipation. They might help those who didn't drink/eat them but not those who did... :-(
I think eating a very high fiber breakfast every day helps me. 1/3 cup oats and 1 T. chia seeds, but you could use ground flax seeds or hemp seeds, or just a very high fiber bran cereal I would think.
Have you checked the fiber content of your diet? Women should have 25 gm a day and men 30 gm. (obviously you won't get that much on fast days, so you might need a fiber supplement like metamucil mixed in water) I havne't needed to because I seem to having th opposite situation - TMI I know!

But remember, drink lots of fluids to help the fiber do its work.
I hope it helps.
TML13 wrote: I never check my poo, it's gross! :-/

I don't know if you said this in jest or not, but as a nurse I can't resist responding :oops:

Everyone should look at their poo. It tells so much about what is going on inside you- besides the poo chart, you should be looking for signs of blood: red or tarry black, which could be signs of a wide range of problems- bowel cancer being the scariest!

So...CHECK your poo, k?

No can do. I get sick easily...
How much exercise are you sufferers getting? I do not have this problem at all, have always had a fairly high fibre diet (pulses rule) & do a lot of walking.
I have been suffering increasingly with this - have been on plan for 21 weeks now.I soak prunes and apricots and have a few with breakfast on non fast days.I also have a high bran cereal or porrige both with added oatbran on non fast days. I take benefiber in a drink on fast days. I have resorted to laxatives, syrup of figs and even on a couple of occasions to suppositories when I have been really bunged up ( sorry sensitive souls! :razz: ) Recently I have started having Actimel on non fast days and I feel that has really made a difference.The fat free ones are only 24 cals so you could even take one on a fast day.With all this things are more or less under control. :victory:
badalya wrote: How much exercise are you sufferers getting? I do not have this problem at all, have always had a fairly high fibre diet (pulses rule) & do a lot of walking.

I'm getting no exercise but then I never did. And I always ate fibre.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the input. I do have some psyllium seed husk tablets that I will be sure to take. I've also added a few prunes to my morning routine. Fingers crossed!
My doctor prescribed me a bottle of laxative that they use pre-operational. She told me to start with 2 TS last night and take it from there, with 1 or TS in the morning and afternoon if nothing happens.
I'm down to half a bottle (6TS) and not much has happened so far. I am staying home today (I'm fasting anyway) just in case we have a situation of Run, Lola, Run to the Loo! ;-)
Yes, psyllium husks are the best fibre supplement I've tried. They are much less likely to irritate than bran (which can aggravate conditions like IBS) and the capsules are handy to use. I take a couple with a fish oil supplement daily. Well worth trying as long as you drink a full glass of water with them- no bad thing in itself.
I've having the same problem as the threadstarter and it's getting worse. I've taken some senna but apart from giving me cramps it's not really working. What is slightly puzzling to me is that if anything my fibre intake has increased since starting 5:2 and I never previously suffered from constipation. I'm hoping that as with all other earlier symptoms this one will improve/disappear when my body gets used to it (I'm 10 weeks in).
I've started on the chia seeds and some prunes & spinach. Seems to be helping.

TML, you make me laugh. Time to man up though, more walking and poo inspecting are maybe some new goals? :wink:

My super thin OH got constipated once, he'd never been so before and couldn't cope so I made him go out on a long walk. The movement massages the bowels, hence it moves things along.

I never took this problem seriously but I have an elderly friend who ended up in hospital for 3 months and had major surgery, so now I do. It can even affect your mental health.
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