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How much water are you drinking on fast days? You get an awful lot of water out of food. So when you are not taking in that food you need to replace it with fluids of some kind over and above feelings of thirst.
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This was a problem for me a couple of weeks ago and I was beginning to wonder if I should stop 5:2 as it was becoming a bit of an issue. However, I decided to use senna tablets (just once) and lower fibre until it was cleared and now everything is back to normal, I'm pleased to say. It may be worth a try.
For anyone 'type 1' I'm confident in recommending soya granules (as in Batchelors beanfeast, or bought separately from health food shops & added to dishes). Don't overdo it.....
Yesterday, I discovered that the answer to constipation is junk food. Two pitta kebabs, three toilet visits!!!
I take 3 psyllium husk tablets each day and they work a treat. It says on the bottle to take 6 a day, but 3 works for me.
Warm Water! Drink 10-20 ounces of pure warm(!!!!) water the first thing each morning. It is disgusting but a natural way and works within minutes.
Love the poo chart..
I used to have Type 8..
"like something you would see in the cat box"

A very large cup of hot water with a slice of lemon first thing in the morning has solved my problems....
No cold drink or water goes straight to the bowel..
I deal with poo problems all the time in my job as a nurse. My advice is drink lots of water and move, move move. Pear juice is a great laxative drink ( have it on your non fast days).
Also,coloxyl with senna is good too, it brings the fluid back into the bowels and helps with the peristalsis of the bowel to get it moving. Hope it sorts out soon- good luck. :geek:
I am so glad I found this post as I too have been suffering from terrible constipation problems since I started this diet despite drinking loads during the day, in fact I am very very sore down there. I have resorted to taking senna also.

I was very surprised to have this trouble as I have been eating fairly well having incorporated ground flaxseed, chia, buckwheat and hemp hearts into my diet. I saw a cereal on Dragons Den (Canadian) called Holy Crap and tried that but as it was expensive bought all the ingredients and mixed my own. Very nice with some plain yogurt.

I also have been having the eggs as my first fasting day meal and I wonder whether that is the problem so today I shall try the yogurt and flaxseed and see whether that improves the situation. I do not want to have to take senna to keep regular, much preferring to control it with diet.
For me, dark chocolate gets me moving. As I LOVE it, it's no hardship to take it (on feed days) :lol: ! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
A container of Greek Yogurt will take me from a 1 to an 8 in two hours every time LOL
In addition to being sure you're getting some fibre with veg, I could suggest drinking coffee with chicory (which has inulin) and that provides not only a mellower beverage (I mostly drink it on non-fast days since I prefer it with milk, but its also what we have after our fast day meals, if calories allow for the milk that day). If you find you like the taste it might help. I like "proper" coffee but the 80/20 blend I buy is actually powdered and quite smooth. Not sure if its available in all countries but in Finland here we can buy it by the brand "Leroux".
I think eggs are binding??
I am a Newbie and have only had three fast days so far, however each time I have suffered severe constipation and indigestion. Am eating extra fibre and drinking plenty of water but the discomfort last night kept me awake most of the night. Can anyone confirm that it will improve with time?
It got worse for me but Lactulose saved me!
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