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I couldn't use my own name as it was already taken. So I used part of the name of the place where I work. On Thursday I did day 2 of fasting - really difficult. I hope it gets easier
Thanks @Brooke x and well done on yr two fasts!
I really think it does in general get easier and can actually get quite addictive...and even over time,fast days get smoother and much more do able than feed days! X
I hate thinking of usernames, so I decided to use whatever popped into my head first. Which was peebles. That's the name of a department store in a nearby town, and I've always thought it sounded kind of funny. So there it is.
@peebles i always wondered if you chose yr name from a place called Peebles in scotland! X
I hadn't realized there was a town of that name. That explains what otherwise sounds like the kind of name you'd give a beloved stuffed animal.
I have a strong connection to Japan and 'jankenpon' is the name of the the Rock, Paper, Scissors game in Japanese. I love the game & I love the name of the game - just a bit of fun!
Just bumping this thread for all our NY newbies and any oldies who want to contribute! X
Well I am an animal lover, particularly cats, dogs and horses. I have dogs at the moment but based my username on my love of cats. My last cat was very furry and had very sharp claws. Hence furryclaws. Simples. Thank you for asking.
Ahh thanks @furryclawsx i' m a great animal lover too
This is the latest addition to our family...a Bengal kitty x
image.jpg (26.89 KiB) Viewed 268 times
Ah how sweet.
@furryclaws. Brilliant :grin: :grin: :grin:
This is a very fun thread. Mine's fairly boring - I'm Tracie and I like to knit.

But I have run reading other people's responses.
Awwww @CandiceMarie your kitty is adorable .. looks just like my Fifi who I adopted from the RSPCA this time last year after my previous 20 year old cat had to go get her wings :-(
I am sure she has a lot of Bengal in her as I have never seen cat acrobatics like it !

I can't remember if I commented here or not but Red Robin is one of my favorite naughty eateries in the US ( I have spent a bit of time out there for work) ...I could so easily have been Red Lobster instead :razz:
@redrobin twenty years - what a wonderful long life..i love yr expression " had to go get her wings"!
Have you any pics of Fifi? Dont they look lovely when they do cat acrobatics! X
I do @Candicemarie she was a nightmare rescue .. but its amazing what love and good food can do :heart:
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