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Oh my goodness what a beautiful kitty!!! She looks so happy :-) That's fabulous you gave her a new and better life :-)

@RedRobin I'm sorry to tell you that the Red Robin chain has gone really far downhill in the past decade, and it's not just because they discontinued my favorite sandwich ;-) The chicken they use in their sandwiches and salads now is really gross with a weird texture. And they kept replacing good old things with new, not-so-good but clearly cheaper to make items. I stopped going about three years ago. 16 years ago when I lived in the Seattle area, I went several times a month!
Oh @redrobin you angel giving her a loving home x i wish all the pets in rescue centres could find good homes...she looks so happy now..isnt she pretty! She does have a look of a Bengal ..specially the spots on her tum....Maybe she had a bengal mommy or daddy x
@Tracieknits the ones I've been to in North Carolina were really nice and I loved the Freckled Lemonade ...yum !
But heavens NC was bad for my behind too much good food there !

Thank you for your kind words about Fi I love her to pieces she had such a bad start in life I'm doing everything I can to make sure the rest of it is purrfect ....maybe we need a Mad Cat Lady tent if there isn't one already :smile:
@redrobin a mad cat lady tent would be ace talk about our moggies...what a good idea!
And we have our very own member called @madcatlady! I ' m sure she wd like a MCL tent x
Loving the cat pics :heart:
My name, Oddball is the full version of my dearly departed soul dogs name O.B, I lost him last year, too soon at the age of 9 to cancer
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What a beautiful fellow @oddball
So sorry he's no longer with you..i bet he was a wonderful companion x
Hey @skinnyjeans judging by yr photo,youve already got a great pair of legs that wd look fab in skinny jeans! XX
CandiceMarie wrote: Hey @skinnyjeans judging by yr photo,youve already got a great pair of legs that wd look fab in skinny jeans! XX

Thank you CandiceMarie, it's my waist and tummy that are the problem since the menopause but 5:2 is certainly the answer, I just need to work on my feast days :confused:
I chose ferretgal 'cause I used to raise ferrets...naughty little buggers! :shock:
A very interesting topic.
I chose my name because all other attempts were already in use. Including my nick name "Makko". My name is Margot and My family called me "Maggo". We live in Finland and speak Swedish (Finland is a bilingual country). My Finnish friends could not say "Maggo" so it became "Makko"... but already in use as a username, alas. So I took my second name and put is together with my first. Quite like the user name now. :smile:
@margotsylvia i think your name is one of the prettiest on this forum x
I've been pointed in this direction by @CandiceMarie following my introduction post.
My username is simply the latin form of my plant-based real name - if you google it and look at the images you'll soon figure out what I'm actually called!
Oh thats interesting!
I just Googled it and your name is - Holly! Hi Holly,i think its such a pretty name! X
Correct! :victory:
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