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Hi everyone..i have only been here a few days but i am intrigued by some of the usernames i have encountered,so far....
Would be interesting and fun to hear the how and why of our usernames!?

As for me,CandiceMarie is the name of a character in one of my fave films " Nuts in May".. Quite an old but very funny Mike Leigh film with Alison Steadman taking the part of main character CandiceMarie.
Well, mine is because I love ballet, did it for 15 years and got the blisters to show for it

Ballerina x :heart:
Ooh could be an interesting thread, great question.
Mines simple......I have a 10yr old daughter, we call her Minnie Minx ( that's not her real name!,)
Which normally gets shortened to Min, hence I'm Mins mum :)

Actually I rarely call her by the name on her birth certificate......should have just put Minnie Minx!

Ha Ballerina I now imagine you twirling whilst you fast........glorious!
I 'borrowed' mine from my avatar. He is a blue merle smooth collie-hence his name.
Many years ago I needed a new name for an e-mail account and this at a time I was making very positive changes in my life, hence Betsy's great became Betsysgr8 :grin:
Silverdarling - cos my surname is ... HERRING! :lol: :lol: :lol:

(all the Scots will get this one!)

@Ballerina did I hear you say you hated fish?? :shock: :doh: :dazed:
Mine is the first 2 letters of my first name, the first 2 letters of my middle name and the first letter of my last name!
TML are my initials and 13 is my favourite number because it indicates the footy team that I support in Greece.
People who haven't even met me know me as Thalia13 because in my youth I was kinda famous between the footy goers.
Forgot to add: Ballerina, I did ballet for over 10 years. Last week, I was at the theatre that I used to perform, with a co-dancer, for a concert. Everytime we are there for an event, we comment how weird it is to sit among the viewers and not the performers. :-)

Silverdarling, I came across this link while looking for something (canny remember what now) and I found it rather interesting:
When I joined I knew I wanted to post on the site and had never done that before so wanted a totally anonymous username! Spent ages pondering and then named myself mariposa after the barbie film my daughter was watching at the time! Not very sophisticated, but the name has grown on me!
TML ..congrats on target weight ..but what is a week of AL?
Also, how fab to live in Greece! X
Thanks! AI, as in All Inclusive. I'm buffet eating for both Greece and England, LOL! :-)

You say how fab to live in Greece, I say how fab it is to live in England. As a half-Greek/half-Brit, I'm torn...
"sh" are my intials and "bldr" is short for Boulder, CO - a college town (100,000 pop.) NW of Denver, Colorado. I lived there 40 years and do miss it, listed often as one the US's most livable towns and long a progressive bastion in an historically conservative state.
I am now living in Vancouver, BC, Canada - another city that thinks the world revolves around it :smile: .
Pete is my name, Creaky is due to arthritic hips...
I chose the name of my furry best little black cat, Jemima. :cat2:
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