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Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 16:40
I too like the flexibility of intermittent fasting. There are so many different ways of fasting and nowadays I mix and match depending on the day. :smile:
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 19:51
I started 16:8 on Saturday combined with 5:2, I fasted yesterday and found I was okay till 12pm today as my window is 12-8pm. I am doing this to boost weight loss and my trousers felt a little looser today so fingers crossed for a good loss on Saturdays weigh in! Good to hear people have had good results combining 5:2 and 16/8. When I tell people I am on two diets they think I am mad!
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 20:12
I suppose 16/8 or in my case 17/7 is what I have been doing since I stopped having breakfasts about three months ago. I do this Mon to Thurs but Fri & Sat anything goes, I usually have supper Fri and Sat night as a soaker upper as we go out on the razz :razz: no breakfasts though. I don't see it as a diet just a different way of eating, still doing two fast days but weight loss is still slow. one stone with 5:2 since January. 4 stone previous. I think my two more stone to target is going to be another year at this rate. :bugeyes:

Chris x
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 20:16
Hi Claire

How you doing me duck. This place is so busy now, I find it hard keeping up with everyone. :heart:

Chris x
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 20:27
Im ok thanks Chris! How are you?
I know I am the same re keeping up with things, I always missed lots of threads as there are pages and pages!
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 20:35
I'm ok Claire thanks. I am trying to do a blog to progress my weight loss, got to figure out how to put photo's onto it, I'm not very good with these external jobbies, I usually just download from my pictures and they appear. When I figure it out I will make it public.

Chris x
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 20:46
There is a site called photobucket which I used for uploaded pics onto another forum I am a member off, you upload onto the site then copy and paste the IMG code....not sure if this helps you in anyway!
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 20:55
I have just got up this lovely Tuesday morning and logged in to the forum to see many replies. Thank you for all your great advice and encouragement it really helps. I think my problem is that I do 16:8 everyday and on the day after a fast day where I have 350 cals for dinner at 7 or 8 pm it is an awful long time until the next meal the next day at 11 or 12pm. This may be the reason I find combining the two WOE's hard!
I may give 16:8 and 5:2 another go ( so that I can lose the last 2.5 pesky kgs) but have a free day for each day after the fast. Then I plan to go 16:8 and occasional 6:1 to maintain.
Thanks to my lovely forum friends this has just dawned on me- ill let you all know how I go. Thank you again :grin: :heart: :grin:
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 21:04
Hi Leanne, (my daughters name)

Sorry for highjacking your thread, its so easy to get side tracked when you haven't heard from someone lately. :oops: Have a nice day, its about bedtime for me here.

Chris x
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 21:07
I'm in bed!!!!!
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 21:36
Hi Leanne I agree with you totally that the morning after the 5:2 fast day and doing 16:8 as well that is the hardest stretch. I am onto my 3rd week of the regime and I am loosing now every day this week little increments. I eat around 12 on those days having a small portion of my much missed breakfast of yoghurt fruit and nuts to reward my efforts. As others have mentioned on this thread 3 x16:8 are enough to loose weight so it sounds like a good plan for you.

All the best and well done too
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
18 Jun 2013, 22:11
Thanks Gillymary, I think you are right 3 x 16:8 is probably enough especially combined with 5:2. I'm loving the steady loss of weight but I also don't want to slow down my metabolism by not eating enough long term.
So whilst I'm still wanting to lose weight I will continue with 5:2 and when I'm ready to maintain I may try everyday 16:8 as it is not that bad on its own.
Thanks for your input and good luck to you too.
Ps I do miss a lovely hearty porridge in winter !
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
15 Jul 2013, 19:35
Although I am new to this page. I have previously followed the 16/8 plan. Although not 100% religious with it I did feel the benefits. I had more energy and my skin became clearer. I personally felt that my body naturally only wanted to be fed in an 8 hour window.
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
10 Aug 2013, 07:33
Is there an FAQ wiki page for dummies that explains all all of the variations and how to follow them such as 16:8 etc. etc?
Re: 16:8 only and weight loss
10 Aug 2013, 07:47
Here is the thread to read all about 16:8. There is a better way to link but you will find the thread on the home page on the lower right. It is a great thread from @Ballerina
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